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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

We Are A Peculiar People.

How can some people not understand that a crime is a crime even if it committed by their relative, spouse or friend? Or how else would you defend sweeping a corruption case under the carpet because the person is from your constituency or political party? Shouldn't that make you angrier that such a person looted and squandered money meant to develop your local government area, state and country?

This country has far more resources and capacity to be very well developed and even rubbing shoulders with the likes of Singapore, America, U.A.E, etc, alas, these looting politicians have simply refused to allow us be great.

If anyone is found guilty of looting and corruption, they should be left to face the music. Not only should they be jailed, the stolen wealth must be recovered and put to good use. It is not enough to send people to a year in jail and set them free to enjoy the stolen wealth which wasn't theirs to begin with. Until people begin to see what ought to happen to looters, they will not desist from aspiring to do same when presented with the same opportunities.

A crime is a crime regardless of who commits it. Let us stop celebrating and indulging these people who have put us in the present dire situation we are in and let's start holding them accountable. You must not go unpunished if you have spent money meant for the good of the masses. You must repay what you stole and do time for your crime.

I remember seeing the picture of Ghadaffi's son and the headline that he had been sentenced to death and the very first thought that crossed my mind was 'oh no, all that fine-ness is going for ever'!!  *covers face* Immediately afterwards, I recalled the reason for the death sentence being handed over to him and  my brain was reset instantly!!! Truth be told, he committed horrible crimes and he must face the music. This just means, fine boy or not, elder statesman or not, former governor/president or not, present public office holder or not, if you commit a crime, you must do the time. And no matter how much we feel a little sorry for them, asking that they walk away free is not an option. Simple. Also having a sicky-sicky-pity-party would not and should not get you off the hook. That last bit was a sub.

I like to think that the 'Crater' side of our dear president is still very much in action. You can run to the ends of the earth but we will find you and crate you right back to pay back what you stole. I'd like to think Nigerians would let him get justice for us. :)

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