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Thursday, 2 July 2015

When You're Good, You're Good

Wow! The video below shows that no matter what your circumstance may be, your true talent will always shine through and get you through tough times. The video below is about a homeless man who stuns some tourists and locals with his world-class piano skills. 

Donald Gould, a 51-year-old ex-US Marine has been homeless for years ever since he became addicted to drugs and alcohol after his wife passed away and he lost custody of his son. It is a sad story, how his life had turned out but looking at him sitting on that stool and producing such amazing music, tells me he is a survivor who is making the most of his present situation. 

A passerby recorded him playing on the streets just a few days ago and the video has been seen millions of times already. I sincerely hope he gets another shot at a far better life than that which he is living presently. Bless his heart.

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