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Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Stand To End Rape have launched a campaign online as a means of ending or at the very least curbing rape in our societies. It is really important to sensitize people on the ills of rape and its effects on the victims regardless of the gender.

Day in day out, we hear more and more horrific stories of rape and sometimes we see the devastating  effects on the victims. The trauma is unimaginable and no one should be subjected to such evil, no matter what. A lot of people are quick to blame the victims, saying things like:

 'oh, she had it coming with her dress style.'
 'oh, serves her right for walking that route at that time.'
 'oh, why did she take gifts from him when she wasn't ready to put out?'
'oh, he is really sexy, no wonder he was raped by four women. I would have too!'
'oh, the mother should have been more watchful of her child'.

I would have you know that there is absolutely NO justification for rape and slut-shaming the victims is wrong as well. If you see a glistening Mercedes proudly displayed in the window of a car shop, would you break in and steal the car because it looked so tempting and inviting? If you won't do that to an object, why would you rape a human being based on their choice of clothing or just because they are there at the time and vulnerable?

Rape is a deplorable crime and the farther and more often we spread this knowledge, the better for us all.
I implore you to join us to Stand To End Rape. Send your quotes and pictures to and/or use the hashtags #StandtoEndrape on Twitter.

Thank you. :)

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