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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

iSpy In Naija

So due to intense stress and my body giving me hazard-warning signals (rme at myself), I took some days off work last week because I simply cannot comman go and die. :D Well, aside from being away from the hustle and bustle of work, I still did not get as much rest as I would have wanted to but hey, c'est la vie, oui?

Anyways, on one of my free days, my good friend convinced me to go grab lunch at an amala joint (a small place where amala, a local delicacy, is made specially) in Ikeja and we set out. We found out that the popular joint had moved from its original spot to a classy plaza further down and we went to look for it. When we got to the place, it was tucked in a shed behind a fancy Chinese restaurant and we teased ourselves about ignoring the Chinese meal to satisfy our craving for amala. Craving satisfied, we proceeded to leave when I spotted the two ducks hanging in the pictures below. I was gobsmacked and of course very curious as to why, and seeing two staff of the Chinese restaurant standing guard next to the ducks, I approached them and queried them (yes, I am curious like that).

They said they were drying the ducks before they would roast them. I was like O.O????

You see, the box from which those two ducks were hanging are like external ventilators from maybe an air-conditioner or something like that and they were in full blast, air, dirt and grit. Yet, the chef or whoever assumed it would be hygienic to hang edibles off of it before roasting and serving up to customers. This is actually a top Chinese restaurant and hubby and I dine there sometimes. *tries not to puke just remembering*

Sigh. Nigeria go better sha, one day one day.


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