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Monday, 31 August 2015

What I Got Up To (2).....

Good morning and a very happy new week to you all. I can't believe how quickly August has gone but I am thankful I am alive and well. 

I really had a bad cold here o. :)
I couldn't wait for Friday to come to an end because out of the blues I developed a cold. I quickly sent for medication and so I hastily went home to take it. 
I didn't know they still made these. Hadn't had one in eons. N50 but works like magic.
 It knocked me out until Saturday, which thankfully was an environmental day so I had a bit of extra lie-in. Then I proceeded to making breakfast for my family and then cooking meat and making like three different types of soups. All I wanted to do afterwards was to sleep but alas, le Hubbs and I had a wedding (#NedUgo) to attend. 

Ignore my face-cap-like-gele :)

I couldn't have not gone to the wedding because the groom, who is a good friend of ours, is such a brilliant and lovely young man. We met while we were in Luton, Bedfordshire so I knew it would be a sort of mini Luton reunion. And I was right, we saw some faces we hadn't seen in years and it was really lovely reconnecting with people again. I met a fabulous blog visitor who told me herself and her hubby read my blog regularly. I was elated and flabbergasted to hear it. Thank you, thank you , thank you. Muah. :) 

 Decor on point, band on point. I still think QBand are the greatest though ;)
The wedding was absolutely beautiful and warm. The MC cracked me up with his antics and enthusiasm, everything was fun. The Governor of Ebonyi state was in attendance and there were several performances from different artists who made it all more spectacular. I'm kindda old school so the only artist I could identify with was Dammy Krane. Sue me, lol.

We left the island pretty late and even though we planned to stop over at Bar Enclave to have a bite of their legendary scrumptious turkey, we missed a turn and, given the cold and headache I had, proceeded home. I took my next dosage and zoned out till Sunday morning.
I haven't been to church much this year, much to my parents' chagrin *inserts cackle* . So I was bent on attending yesterday. Alas, I felt really wobbly even though I was all dressed. At some point, I took off my shoes and asked le Hubbs to go ahead with the kids, but then I thought, I owe it to God and myself to be in church so I joined my family. I was mighty glad I did because the service was on point. Pastor Bola Odutola of RCCG Solid Rock parish minces no words when he's preaching. People need to hear more of such easily applicable sermons in hopes of living better lives.

After service, we went off to a family friend's house for lunch and gist. Afterwards, we left off for le Hubbs' cousins' baby's ceremony. Congratulations to Lara and Lekan Otuyemi. It was a lovely family gathering.

Buki and Bukky, one of my surest pals.
 We headed home in the evening, absolutely tired. I had an early night and an even earlier Monday morning start because we had an appointment to meet up with. I was thoroughly appalled to see motorists facing oncoming traffic in their selfish haste to beat traffic and get to their destinations sooner, simply because the LASTMA team had not yet resumed. We are humans and not cattle that need to be herded all the time, so why can't we just obey laws without being nudged? What pained me the most was the fact that if any accident had happened as a result of their inconsiderate recklessness, it would have been fatal and these are corporate looking fellas in good cars and not your regular touts o. Hmmmn.

How was your weekend? :)

Let me start my Monday and allow you to get on with yours. Have a splendid week ahead.

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