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Saturday, 1 August 2015

When We Have Kids....

We all have a fair idea of how we think we would handle parenthood but I tell you, nothing in this world quite prepares you for when you have yours. Babies are such special creations that reach deep into your soul with their antics. It takes raising one to truly understand,

I have this friend who would criticize me often and harshly after I had my son. She was single then but she felt she knew enough about parenting from watching her folks raise her siblings. I would try to correct her notions that a baby's life comes in phases and you simply cannot rush each phase but she would never agree with me. Now she has two very active boys and boy is she living it. *inserts evil grin*. She called me at some point to commend me and apologize for her misconception of how parenting should be. There are no rules to getting one through, just go with your heart. 

The video below mirrors just how we plan parenthood as singles and the reality of parenthood. 


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