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Friday, 4 September 2015

Everything In Nigeria Is Out To Get You.

The frailty of life gets me every time. One minute a person is so alive and bubbly and the next, boom, they are gone. This is not meant to be a morbid post, but a wake-up call for us to live for each moment and embrace/enjoy life to its fullest as tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Popular Nigeria author, Ayo Sogunro, wrote a collection of poems in 2014 and the chilling title gets me every time. The book was titled "Everything in Nigeria is Going To Kill You" and I cannot agree more with this because the system and environment keeps failing us every time. Going out in the mornings and returning at night is a miracle by its own rights! 

How? Well, even if you are the sanest driver driving a brand new bullet proof vehicle, the bad roads filled with potholes will either cause you to stumble and tumble, or a pedestrian lost in thought would wander across your car on the highway and you would either have to slam on your brakes thus risk getting hit from behind, or you would have to swerve to avoid the pedestrian and risk running into some iron or concrete. Either way, everything in Nigeria is out to get you. A horrific accident happened in Lagos two days ago that took the wind out of the sails of everyone. A trailer carrying a 40ft cement-filled container fell off a bridge and landed on an SUV below. It flattened the vehicle and killed all its occupants instantly. I shuddered in mortification at the sight as I tried to picture the last moments of the unfortunate occupants. One moment innocently chatting away in their car, perhaps listening to the radio and debating over a certain issue, next moment BOOM and they were gone forever. :( No one should have to die so horrifically and avoidably. If only the driver had ensured the container was properly secured and if only he had been more careful driving, perhaps those people would still be alive. 

Alas, c'est la vie (such is life). 

I was involved in a freak accident at work two days ago which also made me feel the frailty of life firsthand. Some fella piled the fridge with bottles of soft drinks and went as far as stocking up the panels on the refrigerator's door. I never would have imagined anyone would do such a thing, so I opened the fridge to get out a drink. One moment, I was opening the door, the next moment I was seeing bottles fall out, land on the tiled floor, glass and liquid flying upwards towards my face. On reflex, I closed my eyes but not fast enough before a shard of glass entered my EYE. Just like that, I went from looking all dolled up to washing my eye out at a sink I was led to and hoping I wouldn't lose the eye. The very thought of  losing my eye sight scared me. Thankfully, a visit to the emergency room in my registered hospital sorted me out. I have dreaded opening any fridge since then but hopefully it won't turn into a phobia, lol. That incident only made it clearer to me that life is indeed very short.

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest and not just endured. It is up to you, yes you, to make this happen. Remember my post here about finding happiness and reveling in it? Yes, it's all on YOU. Make it happen and let every second of your life count and be worthwhile.

Live. Life. Love. Life.



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