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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Boko Haram Is 'Not A Priority'!!!

I just saw this video from about 10 months ago and I am gobsmacked at the seemingly casual and nonchalant utterances of the Major General James "Spider" Marks, a military analyst who claims that the West fighting Boko Haram is not a priority so long as the attacks are restricted to Black Africa as opposed to how they would have reacted if the Boko Haram terrorist attacks spread to white Africa. He says that so long as Boko Haram does not spread elsewhere outside black Africa, they are 'ok with it'!!!!

This is so hurtful because #AllLivesShouldMatter be it black, white, orange or purple! Boo Haram killed over SIX THOUSAND PEOPLE last year alone. They are just as barbaric and nefarious as ISIS are, so I ask, where then is the outrage? Where are the protests? Where is the support? Why must we wait for Boko Haram to hit other countries or bring down a plane headed to the West before action is taken against them? 

Yes, I know our government has not exactly helped curb the menace as they should have done, but if truly all lives matter, then surely, something tangible should have been done about Boko Haram. Any terrorist act to one part of the world is a terrorist act to the entire human race, regardless of the skin colour, region or religion.

There was another bomb blast yesterday in Kano and several people were killed horrifically in that attack, yet some knuckleheads somewhere think that is ok and still not a priority. 


Innocent victims from the Kano bomb blast.

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