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Monday, 9 November 2015

#ChildAbuse: Beasts In Human Forms

I saw this story last week on Facebook and I did not post it then because I wanted to get a go-ahead from the owner of the page on which I found it. She has not gotten back to me but I cannot remain silent on this because maltreating children within one's care seems to be a frightening but growing trend in Nigeria. Domestic violence in any form should cease in Nigeria and around the world. The trauma is often unending for the victims.

Nefarious Habiba  -_-

Viewer discretion advised from this point. :(

How can a human do this to another, least of all to a child? What could this poor child have done to deserve such barbaric treatment from one who should have been watching over her? I learnt the Governor's wife has paid 12-year-old Zaliha a visit and I really hope they would help her fight for justice. Perhaps people's brains would be reset to normalcy when they realise that you cannot get away with domestic violence anymore

I pray the poor child gets justice and succour. 

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