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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Fifty Shades Of #AllHeartsAlways

Those of you who know me and those have followed me from the onset when I started blogging know that I have a thing for people who are compassionate and #AllHeartsAlways. You also know that I like Christiano Ronaldo and his kind heart. My last write-up about him was here where I put up a video of him being especially #AllHeartsAlways.

Well, I have a new #AllHeartsAlways celeb candidate and he is our very own U.S rap artist, 50 Cents. Yes, Fiddy's got a soft and kind heart. Here's a video of him visiting some IDPs in Somalia as a UN ambassador. It was incredible and enlightening to watch this video and see this side of him. Do you know that 50 Cents doesn't smoke nor drink? Aha! Now you know. :)

Watch and see for yourself.

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