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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Nigerians Are A Special Breed

Just when you think things cannot get anymore ridiculous than grown up senators launching suggestion boxes in 2015, you come across the image below.


Who comes up with these things and who falls for them?


  1. I was waiting to see how much a chance peep into this 'book' would cost.

    Package rubbish and sprinkle a bit General Overseer here and Apostle there, garnish very well with dollops of what God said or didn't say and you have a meal ticket and a one way pass to heaven on earth.

    One day, people will wake up but don't hold your breathe.

    1. LOL. Aptly put.

      People (read Nigerians) are so gullible. I know a smooth talker who smokes and womanizes like mad, yet he's heading a church. One of the worst mofos ever, this chap is. I shudder at the thoughts of the vulnerable women that would fall for his charm and antics.


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