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Friday, 6 November 2015

#TGIF Amazing Beat-Boxing Duet

*Moonwalks into my blog like a boss* Yeehaaaaa!. ............... I love the smell of Fridays, it gets me high. LOL.

Ok ok, I'm calm now and most apologetic for my epileptic blogging in the past few days. I have been under the weather but I'm back and stronger now, thank you very much. In my next life, I am totally coming back as a man. Women health issues are way too much and stressful please. Ahnahn, just let me lay my hands on Aunty Eve. How can one have a nude hunk beside one in a lush garden but fall for a snake's charm? Hian!!! She go hear am when we land for heaven. LOL

I've got the perfect video for you this beautiful Friday. It's a father and daughter beat-boxing competition. This girl is goooooooooood, dammit! Pure raw talent right here. I don't know what the career path for a beat-boxer is but I am rooting for her. I intend to show my kids this video and the art one I posted earlier this week. Yes, I am searching for their hidden talents, lol.


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