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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Unnecessary Serenre And Roborebe

As if our honourable senators commissioning suggestion boxes was not archaic and ridiculous enough as I wrote here yesterday, today's news is all about President Buhari's forthcoming visit to Lagos State to help commission security helicopters. I really cannot understand what the fuss is about because the said helicopters should have been put to worthy and immediate use as soon as they were purchased rather than wait for a commissioning before starting work. 

Security helicopters are work tools and should not be treated as favours to the residents of Lagos state. Y'all did not see me commissioning my MacBook when I got it because it is a freaking work tool and it started work immediately it was handed to me. Between the date of purchase and proposed commission date, (which is tomorrow by the way so Lagosians, brace yourselves for the endless traffic that is bound to come with this Presidential visit) there have been numerous robberies around and about Lagos state. Perhaps, just perhaps if the helicopters had been launched earlier, those robberies would not have happened and if they did, they would have been curbed.

As bogus as bogus gets, the picture above is of the Nassarawa state governor, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura lying on a student's mattress inside the dormitory of the Government College, Keffi. He is lying on the mattress to confirm its dilapidated state. This right here is what I call unnecessary serenre and roborebe which is English could mean absolute poppycock and hogwash. Even a blind man can see that this hostel is not fit for an animal least of all a pupil, yet that is the reality of the students of Government College, Keffi.  

What a sham, what a shame, what a pity.

I have been to a few schools in the past one year and the horrific conditions in which they have sunken to is beyond appalling. Methinks our government really need to sit up, roll up their sleeves and begin to FIX the country especially the health and educational sectors.

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