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Monday, 9 November 2015

What I Got Up To (9)......

Hello everyone, welcome to a brand new week. I don't even know how to describe the weekend I have had to be very honest. To start off with, I no longer have a house-help (long story) so you can imagine me trying to cope with balancing everything around me. My dear aunt has been around to assist me, bless her heart. She's always fun to have around, although my kids don't think so because she is less tolerant of their smesme (attitudes), lol. 

Anyway, Friday was pretty mellow at work. I dealt with all I had to deal with and headed home. Le hubbs and I stopped at Spurs to grab dinner and it was pretty cool talking, reminiscing and planning. My troops woke me up at 5.30am on Saturday,  I suppose the missed its-a-weekend-and-momma-needs-the-extra-shut-eye memo. Sigh, but what can I do. I spent half the day cleaning and supervising some workmen that came around to service some stuff in the house. 

On Saturday evening, my sister and I grabbed a cab and headed out to Freedom Park where my brother was partaking in a dance show titled Unrestrained Season iv. The show was organised by the David's Christian Centre and the dance crew are called Rock Extreme (the dance department of the church). I have seen them perform a couple of times and trust me, this is gospel dance like you have never seen. I cannot put the awesomeness of the dance crew into words right now, you would just have to try to catch the next season. What??? That crew was all shades of amazing. My jaws were hanging half the time through the show, lol. If you want to have a feel of the church and of Rock Extreme, visit them at David's Christian Centre where the Word of God is always taught in a simple and practical way. They are located behind the PHCN office beside Amuwo-Odofin Health Centre, Mile-Two Lagos.

It was also a fun time out with my sister. I need to drag her out more often. :)

Sunday Sunday Sunday...... where to begin. I woke up really early and sorted out my freezer before heading out to the Sunday market to stock up for the week. I was in a rush because I had to drop le hubbs off at the airport before taking my daughter to the hospital. We both have earaches and needed to get treated. Am I the only one who falls ill when my kids do? It is so bizarre but I have noticed that if either one of them is coming down with something, I tend to get the same similar symptoms. It's almost as if it happens so that I can feel their pains and know how serious or trivial it is. Hmmmm. Really weird.

Anyway, we got back home and I spent hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. My cuz-in-law dropped off their kids with me while they went off on vacation. You cannot imagine the blissful chaos which followed with four over-excited toddlers screaming and playing around. I must take a bottle of wine to my neighbours downstairs as a sort of the apology because this is how it would be for a short while yet, lol. 

I finally hit my bed at almost midnight, absolutely knackered. It has been a lovely weekend filled with all sorts but I am glad I experienced it with my loved ones around me.

How was your weekend ? :)

Do have a wonderful and prosperous week ahead. Keep being #AllHeartsAlways 

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