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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

When The Blood Of The Oppressed Cries

Sambo Dasuki

President Buhari is reported to have ordered the arrest of Sambo Dasuki, the former National Security Adviser of the Federation based on the results of an audit reports of procurement of arms and military equipment. 

It is alleged that Dasuki fraudulently stole about $2 billion (yes, that is two billion dollars) in arms dealings which were meant to be used to equip dedicated and brave Nigerian soldiers battling Boko Haram terrorists. The report revealed that Dasuki awarded ghost contracts for the supply of 12 helicopters, 4 fighter jets, bombs and ammunition estimated at $2 billion but which were never supplied. 

This same man was in power when two private jets were apprehended by the South African government for bringing in millions of dollars in cash which were claimed to be meant for the purchase of ammunition.

I find it worrisome that while our troops kept complaining about a shortage of ammunition to fight and win the war against Boko Haram, this man and his cronies had the money to put things right but never did. They just ignored the pitiful plight of those poor soldiers and sent quite a number of them to their gory end. I am getting all emotional now as I recall a particular video in which the nefarious Boko Haram terrorists chased two young soldiers up a hill. They kept shooting at those poor guys, who despite one of them being hit, kept running and running. Lord have mercy. 

So many families have been thrown into mourning because they have lost their beloved forever as a result of lack of ammunition to fight back against terrorists while trying to save the rest of us. Gosh. I shudder as I recall that quite a number of soldiers were sentenced to death for mutiny and cowardice, before their sentences were overturned by the new government. How unjust is that? The poor dears got scared and rebelled because they knew they were ill-equipped to fight the beastly terrorists who always came prepared and well-armed. 

The blood of the victimized and oppressed are crying out for justice and I sincerely hope justice is what they will get. If Dasuki and his partners in crime are found guilty, I hope they rot in jail till the end of their days. 

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