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Sunday, 22 November 2015

When Life Happens.....

Yesterday, the Kogi state governorship election held and All Progressives Congress candidate, Abubakar Audu emerged the winner. If he had been sworn in as governor, his ongoing trial for misappropriation of state funds amounting to N11 billion would have been suspended as he would have been covered by constitutional immunity from the trial within the duration of his 4-yar tenure.  

Today, INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) declared the Kogi state election inconclusive because  the margin votes of victory was lesser that the cancelled votes. INEC ordered a rerun of the election in the areas where the votes were cancelled.

This evening, there are reports of Audu Abubakar demise after he learnt of the decision of INEC to declare his election as inconclusive. He is said to have died of undisclosed medical reasons shortly after he received the news earlier. 

There are several mixed reactions online from people about the news of his passing. While some are genuinely remorseful ab out his demise, others are ecstatic and unapologetically so as a result of his alleged corrupt practices. 

Life is so short and highly unpredictable. Live good and worthy legacies behind.

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