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Thursday, 17 December 2015

A Truly Heartwarming Story

This little boy, Prestyn Barnette, heard through his grandma that there was a very sick baby in a hospital, and that grandma's prayer group were sending out prayers to save his life, so he chose to do something quite extraordinary.

Prestyn met Santa and rather than ask for loads of toys, he asked for a toy train and that Santa should kneel with him and say a kind prayer for a miracle for the sick baby. Get this, he doesn't know the baby but he was concerned enough to know how seriously ill the baby is and he selfless prayed for the baby to get well. 

Prestyn and Santa praying for a miracle for baby Knox. Bless their hearts. :)
The baby in question, 2-months-old Knox Styne, was found unresponsive by his father on the 30th of November and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors declared him brain dead at first, but suddenly, upon a second examination, found blood flow in his lower brain. They will carry out a tracheotomy on him to help him breathe. 
Baby Knox Styne

I pray Knox gets the miraculous healing he needs and that his family will experience the joy of the miracle this December. 

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