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Friday, 4 December 2015

#AllHeartsAlways - Remembering Kindness

This is a beautiful story about a young lady who was operated upon when she was a baby and then got a surprise visit from the surgeon who performed the surgery on her 15 years later. Ashli  Taylor had to undergo a life-saving liver transplant when she was only a few months old as a result of a rare congenital condition. Her mother's decision to donate a part of her own liver and the expertise and skills of the surgeon Dr. Robert Goldstein, added to the miracles that formed and saved little Ashli's life. 
Dr. Goldstein
Recently, 15-year-old Ashli was given a creative writing assignment by her teacher and she chose to send a letter to Dr. Goldstein and thank him for what he did for her way back then. She wrote and mailed the letter and thought nothing about it again until he showed up in her school to visit her. He casually strolled into her theater arts class in her Texas high school and introduced himself. Dr. Goldstein said he was deeply touched by her gesture and decided to surprise her with a visit. 

Ashli was clearly overjoyed to finally meet the man who gave her a chance at living. What makes her story even more remarkable is the fact that her mother got a call on the same day terrorists blew up the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon and learnt that they needed to carry out a transplant immediately on Ashli. Unfortunately, even though they could have gotten the transplant done in the next state, all flights had been grounded due to security protocols. However, fortunately, Ashli's mum's liver matched hers and so the surgery was successfully carried out by Dr. Goldstein.

Bless. :) 

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