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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

#BlogFeature: The One Million Man March

Here is another  thought provoking article by Vivian Beulah Igbokwe. She has been featured as a guest writer on my blog a few times in the past

Read, be enlightened about your communities and please do share with every one you know. You never know just how far this might go in getting the change we seek.



The independent people of Biafra for the past few weeks have been organising a one million man march accross the nation for the release of their leader. I was really surprised that my people could come together for the accomplishment of a singular purpose without the usual renting of crowd for their political booing and showmanship. The same people of which it is commonly said that "Igbo enweghi Eze" that is "Igbos have no leader" could unite for a purpose thrilled me, but for what purpose?

We saw them, the touts, teenagers, very uneducated people and all sorts of people parade the streets of Aba, chanting their Biafran songs and making derogatory remarks about Nigeria. I saw one of them uprooting a Nigerian flag 🏁 mounted in front of a bank. One of them walked up to me and my significant other asking for money to buy water, that he has been suffering for the Biafran cause since morning. That was late in the evening, probably around 7:00 or 7:30 pm. I looked at him. He was so young and exhausted but he had that look of powerfulness in his eyes, that he was in charge of ushering in a new order.

Am I a saboteur? Am I betraying my own people? Will it be said of me that I am like those Biafran brothers who sabotaged the Igbos thereby costing us the war? No. I believe in rational thinking. I believe in the rule of law. I believe in reality check. I believe in Nigeria. What if that number of people marches in the different states in the southeast demanding that governors like Rochas Okarafor and Okezie Ikpeazu live up to their mandate, don't you think these governors will do right and become more responsible? Isn't that how revolution starts? When the people truly demand responsibility from their leaders. We haven't even put our houses 🏠 in order and we are crying out for more. Sovereignty? When we become independent, what happens to all these greedy and wicked Igbo politicians who have been in power but have been of no use to their people? Aren't they all Biafrans or will they go on exile? Even if they do, they are still Biafrans by blood.

You see the problem is not Nigeria, the problem is with us Igbos. There's never been a dispensation or tenure that the Igbos have not been well placed, as senate presidents, Chief of army staff and more. What have they done with these positions? My people elect wicked and unreasonable leaders then turn back and blame Nigeria for their woes? Where do we really reason from, through our anus? Was it Buhari or Nigeria that imposed T.A Orji and Okezie Ikpeazu on Abia State? Igbos prefer to build their companies either in the southwest or outside Nigeria. I do not want to mention names but then who will employ the Igbo graduate? I have an uncle who built a big laboratory and plainly told us he will never employ any of us his relatives. We all steered clear. Now, we cry out for Biafra.

When and if they finally give us Biafra, who will lead us? Nnamdi Kanu, the one that lives in Uk, that doesn't experience power outages, traffic or malaria invasion? The one that drinks clean water and enjoys dual citizenship and flies on aeroplanes. The one that brings up a case, prosecutes the case and judges the case all by himself in his kingdom of radio Biafra. The one that has no respect for elders or rule of law. The one that has finally succeeded in raising a breed of very angry, volatile and ignorant youths who are ready to abuse you at any given instance. Is that the kind of Biafra we really want?

I am a Nigerian. Peace.

Article By: Vivian Beulah Igbokwe
Twitter: @club7teen

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