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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Different Sides To Every Story

Hello everyone, let me introduce a new writer on my #BlogFeature posts to you guys. His name is Olajide Beke and he is a Political Analyst based in Lagos. His articles and views are his own opinion and they are always very interesting and enlightening. He is presently investigating the ongoing murder case in AAUA which I blogged about here yesterday.

Enjoy. :)


Not many Aauites know the late Ewaweron Olumuyiwa. If not for the circumstances that surrounded his death, I would not have known or heard about him. His death has made him popular, his death has made him a hero. His death has broken the social media again and it has gone more viral than that of the popular mad man called Saheed, now Brother John. By his death, people now know him as Mafugee not as Muyiwa. People now referred to him as an of hero of an unknown struggle. Aauites are furious, because his death allegedly came from an ex-commanding officer of the AAUA cadet corps, Adedoyin Adeola also known as Iron Body.

Since the announcement of his death, I have seen an outpour of emotions on various social media networks. I have seen various kind of tributes,especially on how he has been personified as an hero. I have seen a good and responsible students' union government and I have seen how hated the para-military was among the students. No one knows the genesis of the incident, but rumour has become the order of the day. But one thing rumour can not change is, who Mafugee was before his death?. The social media has never failed in asking questions but in the late Mafugee's case,the social media has failed to ask germane questions. The failure to ask questions has made the crisis a one-sided story. It has raked sympathy to Mafugee, and made him a victor who has never been to a battlefield.

Even though the social media has subjected Mafugee to be an hero,I personally does not see him as one. I preferred to call him a victim of misunderstanding. A victim of clash of power,between him and Iron Body. But the villain is guilty no matter what. The villain is no other person than the ex-commanding officer of the cadet corp. Iron Body has he is fondly called, is guilty of murder. He is guilty of man slaughter and also guilty of assault. But the rhetorical questions begging for answers and which the security agents needs to find answers to are just two. What led to the beating that made the deceased to land in coma for good seven days?

The second question is, who among the AAUA cadet corps followed Iron body in beating up the deceased? Just two questions, after getting answers to the questions, then the whole story would be balance and clearIron Body is guilty of all charges, including violation of human rights. But the cadet corps is not guilty. The para-military is not guilty. It is unfortunate that the social media twisted the fact by including the cadet corps among the body that beat up the deceased. By the virtue of the hierarchical ranking of the cadet corps and the statutory law guiding the corps, it is stated categorically that an alumnus or a spill over student can't head the corps. So, Iron Body is no
longer a member of the corps. Again,the social media also failed to realize the duties of the cadet corps. By condemning the Iron body and also including the cadet corps in the act, they have failed to realize that individual responsibility exist in the military.

Even in the outside world. I mean in the Nigerian Army, there are individual sanctions for erring members,who disobeyed the rules. Though it is quite commonsense to agree that Iron Body used some cadet members in getting back at Mafugee due to his status among the cadet corps, but in a case like this, the law would only punish the fingers that sinned. The cadet corps is an organization,which has made it an entity on it own. Though I believe it could still be subjected under the office of the students' union president. But when an individual errs, I don't believe it is the organization as a whole that erred.

The social media has succeeded in twisting all facts and left aside salient questions. No one has asked who Mafugee friends were before his death! But there has been a campaign against all para-military on campus,because the villain is an ex-cadet officer. It's unfortunate that the social media can't differentiate an organization from an individual. But it is used in campaigning against an outfit, which has been guarding and maintaining the peace experienced in Akungba community for years. I hope this sort of politics won't be brought into this crisis, lest we all suffer for it.

We are in a state of suspended peace, but we all know the villain. Iron Body is the culprit and he deserved to be hanged. But he does not belong to the cadet corps, which means Iron body and his accomplice are on their own. The hero is this crisis is who I don't know yet. But I know that the students' union government are partial heroes. A reliable source told me that Iron body who committed this crime belonged to a cutist group called Alora Confraternity while the deceased belonged to another group. So, it seems they had personal differences. I will keep u updated as the events on fold. That's all I gather for today.

Article by: Olajide Beke

Twitter: @jidbek1

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