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Friday, 18 December 2015

Introducing QMFarms To Nigerians.

Agriculture is more than a trade or profession, it is an absolute way of life that brews all sorts of opportunities. We at QMFarm are keen to uphold the tenets of the profession, sustain agricultural products and produce at best, assured quality and quantity. 

We present to the world, our flock of birds reared within a conducive and hygienic environment and fed largely on organic products. From the pictures below, one can see that at QMFarms we take very good care of our birds, for their sake and for the end users' sake as well. 

Prices of the birds ranges from N2,500 - N3,000 each (live weight). You don't have to stress about processing the chickens, we have got you covered. You can order them live or cleaned and prepared for delivery to your house.

Place your orders today via our Twitter handle @QMFarm or email us on 

P.s. Mayowa is a dear brother to me and watching him grow up to a point of owning his own farm is just amazing. It was this young man-turned-brother that brought the plight of the Ijagbo 30 pupils, who were going to be sent out of school for being unable to pay their fees, to my attention. 

He is #AllHeartsAlways and I would appreciate your support in growing his business. 

Thanks a bunch. :) 

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