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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Reflections. Reflections. Reflections.

Hello everyone, how has your year been? Congratulations for making it till the very last day of year 2015. So much craziness went on this year which led to several loss of lives but you and I are here now, and as ridiculous as it may sound to some, we must be grateful for the opportunities. 

I got to a point a few weeks back where I almost decided to change my attitude towards people. I felt used and betrayed by a few close friends and I deeply hurt. I was convincing myself about the need to be less kind and open to people because they always hurt me in the end. I was struggling within myself about the change I intended to make when I got a message from a friend on twitter, commending me for something and then she sent these words " May He bless you more. Pls don't change". I was shocked to my bone marrow. I never hexperrerit. How could she have known the precise thing to say to pull me back from the brink of the dark side I was about to cross into? 

I took that as a sign not to conform or change my ways no matter what poppycock I am served in return. (Thanks Eghe @Euphoria9ja for that eureka moment!) I have come to realise that a lot of people are not genuinely nice and they will try their darnedest to pull you down, but it is up to YOU to choose what your reaction to their meanness would be. I now know it is best to always do me, I couldn't do anything else even if I tried to anyway, lol.  One thing that kept me sane during that ferocious inner battle was my constant slogan of being #AllHeartsAlways, it just kept ringing in my head and I am mighty glad I did not do otherwise.

When we wake up tomorrow, it would be a different year and a brand new day. We must make the most of it and take steps towards becoming better people. We must strive to achieve most of what we aim to achieve regardless of the challenges or hinderances which may pop up. We must stay strong and survive. We must stop giving the reins of our lives to others but learn to take charge and excel. 

I want to thank everyone who has supported me wholeheartedly this year in various ways. I also want to thank all of you, my blog visitors, who have stopped by at some point in time or the other and for the daily visitors. I thank those who sent in their #DearBuki emails and I sincerely hope I was able to help. I really appreciate you all and seeing the number of visits daily is what propels me to blog more and better. Thank you all so very much.

Special thanks to Mayowa (@czarohm) who has always been #AllHeartsAlways, to my hubby, kids (yes, my troops are aware of my blog, lol), my parents, siblings for their love and support, my friends and loved ones and to my dear @gidi_traffic for the endless support. 

I wish you all a fantastic and prosperous New Year ahead.

God bless Nigeria.

Keep being #AllHeartsAlways

Buki O.

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