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Monday, 14 December 2015

What I Got Up To (10) And A New Song

Hello everyone, welcome back to the start of an amazing week ahead. How did your weekend go?
Mine was pretty chilled out. Let me start from Friday night, after le hubbs picked me up from work, I realized that he had so little fuel in his tank. When we got to GRA, the traffic was just unbelievable and there was no way we would have made it with the fuel gauge glowing brighter than a Dasukillion stars. So we decided to chill-out at some quiet spot by a pool side in GRA. We had fun and enjoyed our company for close to two-hours before heading out to face the traffic.

The traffic was still pretty obvious and we had to veer off towards Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way to avoid some. Unfortunately, we still got caught up in traffic around the Sheraton Hotel. Due to their ongoing security checks and the usual high influx into the hotel on Friday nights, the chaotic traffic it brought on was just exhausting. We managed to get home in one piece, empty tank and all.

I slept in for a bit on Saturday morning but woke up with  headache. I had to eventually get out of bed to make pancakes for my troops because my son wouldn't have any other meal on Saturdays if it isn't pancake. Afterwards, I spent the better part of the day cleaning, cooking and settling pockets of quarrels between both of them. Bless. :) By late afternoon, I felt the headache slowly morphing into a migraine so I quickly took a migraine pill which knocked me out from 4.30pm till 12.30am!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I woke up because I usually don't sleep so soundly, but hey, I wasn't complaining about it. LOL. I really did need the rest. Of course I was awake for a bit longer, largely because I was too scared to get back to sleep in case a fire happened with the way our power supply kept fluctuating dangerously between very high voltage and very low current. Sigh. Naija.

I spent the whole of Sunday resting. And I did rest and wrote some draft articles and edited some other articles. My house got flooded, thanks to my washing machine, but we managed to get it all under control. I stayed awake until about 2 am this morning. I just couldn't sleep, so I decided to catch up on the XFactor uk. That was one of my best programmes while I was in England and I have not had the time to keep up with it since I got back. So there I was on YouTube at past midnight, watching and listening to the music on show for this year's episode. I absolutely love 4th Impact, those girls can sing and perform. You need to check them out, even though they didn't win the competition. I also enjoyed Reggie & Bollie's performances. Hilarious duo, those two.

While at it, I came across the music below and I enjoyed it and thought to share as well. It's called Reason and is performed for Coke Studio by NE-YO, Alikiba, Dama, Ice Prince, Kirya & Wangechi. The song arrangement was well put together and those falsettos were giving me life right there, lol.

Enjoy and do have a lovely week ahead.

Christmas is around the corner, keep being #AllheartsAlways. :)


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