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Monday, 7 December 2015

What I Got Up To (9) And Baby Blues

Happy new week everyone. I had a restful weekend largely because I was too exhausted to do much at all. I had so many events to attend this weekend but you know what? I skipped them all because I cannot fit to come and go and die. Yes ke. :)  My body simply did not agree with my ever actively pumping brain, so I wisely obeyed and chilled out.

In resting this weekend, I spent more time with my cuties and loved every minute of it. Goodness me, you would not believe the sort of questions toddlers ask. My daughter woke me up on Saturday morning, stared at me long and hard and asked for a baby! Yes, you read that right, just like that 'mummy, can you please give us a baby'? Say what now? LOL. I was gobsmacked and then the following conversation ensued between her brother and I:

Son: Mummy, we want a baby.
Me: Ok. -_-
Son: Can we have the baby sister in Gemade and bring her home? 
Me: Ermm, that is your niece. You can't just take her away from uncle Banty.
Son: Ok mummy, so please where can we buy our own baby? Which shop can we get a baby sister from?
Me: *chokes on my laughter* Ermm, son, people don't sell babies nor just buy babies. It is a crime.
Son: Oh, ok! So how can we make our own baby inside your stomach?
Me: OK. OK. Let's go make some pancakes.
Son: *he loves pancakes to bits* Yayyyyyyy. pancakes. Let's go mum.

And just like that, pancakes saved the day. Their dad and I had a good laugh. So if you see me pushing a big tummy around, just know that I HAD TO succumb to the pressure from these shidrens of mine. Hehehe.

Here's wishing us all a prosperous week ahead.

How did your weekend go? :)

Remember to be #AllHeartsAlways all day, every day. Cheers.

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