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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Buki's Bits.

There is always one high level fcukery drama or the other happening in this our beautiful country called Nigeria. Most of these fcukeries dramas are played out by the greedy nitwits we elect into power, so I suppose we are partly to blame for the sort of fcukries dramas displayed to us day in day out.

It's only Wednesday and already there's been so much fcukeries drama to deal with, but I will dwell on just three for now.


Was Abacha Our Biblical Joseph?

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Government is in talks with the Swiss Government about the release of ANOTHER $300 million Abacha loot from his stolen stash in some Swiss banks. So far, about $700 million has been recovered from Abacha's stash from the Swiss government alone. 

(For my foreign blog visitors, the late General Sani Abacha was a former Nigerian Military Dictator/ Head of State)

We (i.e. Nigeria) most certainly need the loot returned now more than ever and it makes me think that perhaps Abacha was our modern day Joseph from the bible, stashing away our funds for us for rainy days such as these. Perhaps he foresaw the lean years ahead and helped us save from the fattened year prior.................... NOT! 

I jest. He certainly did NOT have the interest of Nigerians in mind when he was stealing those  huge sums of monies and stashing them abroad. No wonder rumour went around saying his wife uttered a statement along the lines of "if ever we, the Abachas, become broke, we can never be as poor as Dangote". Bear in mind that Alhaji Aliko Dangote is Africa's richest man according to Forbes and from that diagram up there, it sure looks like it must have been more than a rumour.

Missing Budget

I do not even understand this utterly befuddling absurdity talk less of knowing how to explain it to you all but I will try. There was a lot of fuss going on yesterday as some said the 2016 budget proposal  which was submitted to the National Assembly by the President of Nigeria had reportedly gone missing.  Sigh.

The budget proposal was submitted last month and was supposed to be deliberated upon by the senators yesterday but alas, it seemed to have just developed wings and flown off. I don't even get how this could go missing but let's assume it did, why so much fuss? We are in the year 2016, so surely there are soft copies of this almighty document and even perhaps a hard copy or two lying around somewhere.

Anyways, true or false, the fact such an allegation can even see the light of the day is downright scary. 

Lassa Fever Outbreak.

Almost 50 people have died so far as a result of a recent outbreak of Lassa fever. Even scarier than the looming epidemic, for me, is the realisation that rats are a staple meal in Benue State, yes you read that right. Further scariest is the fact that a Nigerian Senator thought to make light of the situation during a prayer session organised for the deceased by saying the health ministry should be encouraged to breed more cats to deal with the rats causing this epidemic! 

I'm just unable to can.

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