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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Let's Talk Agriculture.

QM Farms offers everyone an ample opportunity to learn more about Agriculture, either as an investor, an entrepreneur or as an agruculturist. Why don't you make it a date with Mayowa and co. on the 16th of January, between 1-3pm. 

Queen R. and Olajide Olatunbode would be discussing investors' perspective and value chain in Nigerian Agriculture while Chigozie Okpwara, the CEO of Agroplus would be discussing tech in Nigerian Agriculture. Mayowa would also be talking about youth's involvement in agriculture. There would be other speakers there as well. It promises to be an enlightening and engaging session. 

The venue would be at no other place than at the Bar Enclave on ! Adele Adeleye Street, off Coker Road Ilupeju Lagos. If you are an ardent follower of my blog, you would know by now that the bbq turkey at Bar Enclave is to die for. If you won't turn up for the agricultural topics, at least turn up for my sake, Mayowa's and the renowned tastilicious BarEnclave bbq turkey. ;)  

Don't miss out. 

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