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Friday, 29 January 2016

Update: Governor Ambode Must See This Again

A few days ago, i wrote a post here about the state of the newly installed street lights on Ogunnusi road, at Ojodu and it got quite some buzz online (Twitter). While my good people of Twitter were copying the necessary  Lagos State Government bodies (and the Governor himself) who should see to the alarming errors in the construction, someone actually tweeted and said that one of the new poles had tilted!!

I got back in touch with the person who posted the initial story and pictures and he confirmed this. He also brought proof of the misconstruction. I find it rather bizarre that we do not take health and safety nor quality control very seriously in Nigeria. All human lives matter and the fact that such avoidable errors due to impatience, negligence or incompetence can take a life, makes it more infuriating.

I sincerely those who contracted this fiasco are disciplined and I propose an active and effective quality control department or parastatal be founded (if such doesn't already exist) and set to oversee such projects. 

As a patriotic citizen of Nigeria and a tax payer in Lagos State, I demand that things should be done right to ensure the safety and comfort of ALL Nigerians.

Thank you.

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