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Thursday, 14 January 2016

#Update: Kidnapped Politician Released

The former Speaker of the Ondo State House Assembly, Victor Olabimtan has been released by his abductors and is currently undergoing a medical check-up.  The abductors of the former Speaker of the Ondo State House Assembly, had reduced their ransom demand to N5 million after a "serious and tough" negotiation with his family members, an aide confirmed this on Tuesday. (Previous story here)

The aide who spoke under the condition of anonymity said that the abductors spoke "extensively, using different mobile lines" late on Monday night to negotiate with the family for the quick release of the former speaker. According to the aide, the kidnappers had initially demanded the ransom of N20 million naira but later reduced the price to N5 million after the family had pleaded for leniency considering the economic hardship in the country. "The kidnappers gave us a tough time. It was a serious of negotiation. We had to start begging them to release Mr. Olabimtan, pricing the freedom of a fellow man like pricing food stuff in the market. "They were initially demanding for N20 million but they asked us how much do we have before they finally concluded we should pay N5 million for the quick release of our darling leader. "Right now, the family is reaching out to political associates and friends in order to raise the fund. But, I know by the grace of God, our leader would return very unhurt", he said.

Meanwhile, the State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Isaac Kekemeke, has denied any political attachment to the abduction of the erstwhile Speaker of the Ondo State Parliament. Mr. Kekemeke, in a statement issued to journalists in Akure, on Tuesday, said the people of the State should not draw any hasty conclusions by attaching a political motive to the abduction incident. "Those who carried out this evil act on a senior citizen of the country are the enemies of the State and they should be reprimanded. "Criminality and kidnapping should not be a way out on the altar of unemployment or anger with the system," Mr. Kekemeke stated.

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