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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Watch These Thieves Get Served

The video below shows a couple of pranksters baiting unsuspecting but devious passersby with a bicycle. They left a rigged bicycle in a park and watched potential thieves try to make away with the bicycles, with sad yet hilarious. Of course these thieves did not get far because a rope had been tied to it and that yanked them backwards. 

What baffles me is why a person would see someone else's property lying randomly and decide to steal it. It reminds me of our looting politrickcians and I really wish we could have rigged our monies this way such that any attempt to divert public funds for greedy personal use would result in some mega shocks going through their bodies.

One of the bicycle stealers even tried to fight back. Ahnahn! On top wetin no be im property o. That's the sort of entitlement our former leaders feel, haven been caught, probed and asked to refund their loot. The have become so accustomed to stealing public funds that it now feels like it is their right and entitlement. 

Guess what? There was even an old white lady in the video who also tried to steal the bicycle!!!! No be only blacks waka come o! It goes to prove that stealing/corruption has no boundaries of tribe, race, religion, or whatever. I have seen several list of looters in Nigeria, especially in the #DasukiGate arms deal scandal and trust me, the recipients couldn't have had more different backgrounds. The only thing they all had in common was GREED! 

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