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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Of Bitter Truths And Hypocrisy

I've read different opinions about the British PM's gaffe about Nigeria and Pakistan being the most "fantastically corrupt" countries and it sure got me mulling over the whole issue. Methinks David did not lie at all when he called Nigeria a "fantastically corrupt" country. They say the truth is bitter and this is always the case when the obvious truth is stated anywhere. Now don't get me wrong on this because truly Nigerians and in fact very FANTASTIC and wonderful people in all aspects. We are full of humour, very brilliant and smart but at the same time, more than a handful of us are indeed very fantastically corrupt

You are fantastically corrupt when you remove a whole rail project, which could develop a country, make life easier for the citizens, grow the economy, etc, from a National Budget and replace it with a silly project such as distributing "keke" (tuk-tuks) to help better the lives of people.

You are fantastically corrupt when BILLIONS OF CASH are blatantly looted and stashed abroad  by a few deadbeat politrickcians while majority of your own people die and languish in abject due to lack of basic amenities.

You are fantastically corrupt when you grant an escaped-internationallly-wanted-felon a presidential pardon.

You are fantastically corrupt when your newly elected president has spent the better part of an entire year out of his four-year tenure cleaning up deeply stinking masses of corrupt acts committed and left behind by the previous occupants of the leadership of a country such as ours. 

You are fantastically corrupt when, over 200 school children are kidnapped, school boys are murdered brutally in their dormitories, women are raped and killed, men are slaughtered, soldiers are beheaded by a terrorist group YOU allowed to fester and blossom while you "unlooked"!

You are fantastically corrupt when you STEAL huge sums of money meant to fortify soldiers facing terrorists in their quest to protect your own citizens, and see NOTHING wrong in what you've done.

You are fantastically corrupt when you call a police station and ask them to help you keep a VICTIM of domestic violence in protective custody BUT "cannot guarantee she won't be raped in the police station if we bring her in"!

You are fantastically corrupt when maternal mortality is on a high due to lack of adequate and easily accessible medical care for pregnant women.

You are fantastically corrupt when a student spends seven years in school taking a four-year course because of strikes, sexual harassment from lecturers and what have you.

You are fantastically corrupt when, EVERYDAY, there's at least one news story of your citizens committing internet fraud or nabbed for carrying drugs across the world. Everyday!

I could go on and on but I will stop here to let you realise that Cameron's gaffe is a case of the kettle calling the pot black. Yes, it is clear knowledge that fellow fantastically corrupt countries such as Britain, Switzerland, etc have HELPED these fantastically corrupt Nigerian citizens deliberately stash looted funds and get away with so much atrocities rather than help nip it all in the bud.

How have they helped us in #BringingBackOurGirls? How have they helped us return our stolen loot and assisted us in using these funds to develop and grow our country and economy? Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that David Cameron's FATHER was named in the #PanamaGate scandal, among several other British citizens? Why then is he acting and talking like say na only us waka come? 

I wonder what he would do to the fantastically corrupt yet obviously non-Nigerian and non-Afghanistan person who recorded and leaked his conversation with the queen. 

A most apt response from President Buhari.

Finally, who corruption don epp? What goes around always comes right back around to bite you in the ass!!!


  1. Eghe Ruth Ricketts12 May 2016 at 08:16

    Your spelling is incorrect. It's Ca-Moron.

  2. be only us waka come oo, but let's be real here, the developed countries have managed their own corruption well haven't they? They have provided basic amenities for their citizens, so iam not saying they shouldn't steal but steal and give your people something back for the loot, good public schools, roads, power, good health facilities, empowering the youths etc, it's basic requirements nothing extra ordinary. No this deregulation at this time? In my opinion the timing is wrong, am all for subsidy removal yeah, but not when there is no power, and little income to furnish the inflation

    1. I feel your pain hun. I kept fretting in the market today, about how those on minimum wages would cope in these present times. Everything is so expensive, yet salaries remains same. I know it is just for a while though.

  3. NiCe Article Buki..... Pls Buki ,Hw Do I Become A Participant On Viber Giditraffic

  4. Nice Article Buki.......... Pls Hw Do I Become A Participant On Viber Giditraffic

    1. Thank you Divas. Apologies for my late response.

      Kindly send GidiTraffic a DM on Twitter asking to be a "Participant"


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  5. Nice makes sense..


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