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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Another Year Of Celebrating Criminals

One would think a year is long enough to have learned to be better and more sensible, alas such is not the case here in Nigeria, for most. I wrote this article here last year when I saw a newspaper advert celebrating Chief Ibori, a Nigeria politician who looted his state senseless and is currently cooling his heels in a UK prison for this dastardly acts. Well, from the newspaper clipping above, not much else has changed since then. 

I look at the signed advert above and I cringe and shudder to think of the grand welcome that would take place the day Ibori is released and deported from the UK, never mind that he has deprived thousands of people comfort and the basic social amenities by pilfering state funds and using them for his personal luxury.

Oh well, one day na one day..........

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