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Monday, 19 September 2016

Health IS Wealth.

Good morning good people, how are we al doing today? Rise and shine for it's a new day. I had a packed weekend though i rested a bit. The hours per day do not seem just enough anymore. 

One thing I should mention today is the need to take good care of our health and know when to slow down, daily. (#SelfSub, I know) There have been two too many sudden deaths of young people in recent times that hit close to home and I find it very tragic and bothersome. The irony of it all was that both guys were exercising when they slumped and eventually died. I wish we could know the actual cause of death and thus be guarded and watchful. May their souls rest in peace.

As much as we all want to hustle and work hard, while we have the energy to do so, in order to be successful, it is important that we take good care of our health. Remember, only the living spend money.

Do have a lovely and prosperous week ahead.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Watch These Swedish Group Nail These Naija Dancesteps

Good morning, good people. How are we all doing today? Rise and shine for it's a bright and beautiful day and we are alive and well.

Y'all know how music and dance mad I can get most times, right? Well, look what I found online. It's an aerobics video of some amazing Swedes dancing to Korede Bello's Godwin and boy did they kill those dance steps. They even did the shoki better than some Africans I know, lol. 


Monday, 12 September 2016

Breaking Silences

I was asked to be on KickAgainstRape 's #AARTalk Session a few nights ago. The theme was Breaking Silences...... Ynaija were nice enough to collate and share the tweets on their website. Kindly check them out by clicking HERE and do enjoy, learn and share. 

You never know whose life you could be saving by sharing these information.


Sunday, 11 September 2016

Successful Women Rock!

I came across this picture via BBM and it hit me hard because I have been on the receiving end a couple of times and I know how much it hurts when you have put in your best possible to make a success out of something and some myopic old fuddy-duddy sits, ogles you and condescendingly sneers at your success while labelling it as none of your efforts but as a result of sexual “favours”.

You wonder why believing such is the first option that readily comes to mind, of the success of women, in this ‘modern age’ and it just drains you. While, of a truth, some people (both male and female, mind you) have risen up ladders of success on the backs of sexual favours, this does not apply to everyone and to tar genuinely successful women with the same brush is very hurtful. I can’t even say women have become smarter in recent times, because the truth is women have always been smarter and wise but were constrained and restrained by cultures, beliefs and what have you.

Like a friend said to me, it is hard for people to get over the old belief that men are meant to be breadwinners while women sit pretty and support them doing little else for themselves. “They don’t realise that times have changed and women can also be very successful” You can’t blame them. While I get where she was coming from, I said to her that I blame them alright. Yes, if times have changed so much why haven’t they gotten with the programme and adjusted their mentalities and thought process to align with the changes in times and trends? Could it be that they haven’t because it is simply easier to fault and blame others rather than change one’s mind-set?

One thing I know and would advise any woman courageous enough, not only to aim for success, but to attain is that DO YOU. Remain focused no matter the side comments and insinuations and revel in the euphoria of your achievements. Don’t shay away from the results of your efforts and success of them. 

Live your life, be happy and keep shining. 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Watch This Cute Baby Display Such Amazing Emotions

Awwww, if this isn't the sweetest thing. Watch this cutie embrace his father's seeming distress by crying alongside him. Children are such heavenly delights.

How's your Sunday going? :)

Groceries 'N' More, Saving You More.

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Happy New Month To You All

Here's wishing you all a prosperous and beautiful new month ahead filled with joy, sound health, laughter and peace of mind. 

Take charge of your lives and do wonders.

Be #AllHeartsAlways