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Friday, 30 June 2017


It has been over a month since 6 Lagos boys were kidnapped from their school at the Lagos State Model College Igbonla, Epe. Their names are: Peter Jonah, Isiaq Ramon, Adebayo George, Judah Agbausi, Pelumi Phillips and Farouq Yusuf. Real people, young lads who went to study in a State owned boarding school but ended up getting kidnapped by hapless criminals allowed to perpetrate such a heinous crime due to our lack of adequate security in this country.

Some parents of the kidnapped boys. :(
I would like to believe that these boys are alive and very hopeful that we would rescue them soon enough but can you take a moment to imagine how traumatised they would be now? Can you fathom how their hopes would dwindle day after day with no rescue mission in sight? Can you picture and feel their parents, siblings and friends' pains and anguish, their uncertainty about ever hugging these boys again? Can you just take a moment to imagine all these? 

We cannot just sweep this case under the carpet and act like it didn't happen, we must not forget the 6 boys and we must do our best to get them back. I have gathered that the parents have pooled funds together to raise N10,000,000.00 and handed this cash to the nefarious kidnappers but they are yet to get their boys back. How cruel can a man be to deprive a parent the joy of having their son back even after collecting such a hefty ransom? 

What exactly is the government doing about this, you ask? Search me!!!! I cannot figure out why after a whole fucking month, the police and government have yet to get these poor kids back from the den of the kidnappers. I shudder to imagine what those dear kids are being subjected to. And to think those hapless criminals informed the authorities BEFORE they struck the school, yet those kids got snatched. Whose kid must get snatched for security sanity to be brought back to this country, whose ox must get gored before firm stands are taken against crime, whose blood must be spilled before we do right by ourselves as a nation?

Say a prayer for those boys who have been in captivity for over a month now because that's all we have left in this quagmire we have found ourselves in, prayers. 

#Free6LagosBoys #BringBackOurBoys

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