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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Melting Your Congealed Human Milk Of Kindness

I believe for most of us, our human milk of kindness is now congealed and for others, dried up totally, How else would you explain why or how people are so ignorant and oblivious to the needs of others around them? Sometimes, helping others is not even as daunting as we are often made to believe and always it is a necessity that needs to be carried out to save at least a life. I know that in recent times there are more risks involved helping needy strangers but I believe that it is a risk worth taking especially when you take time to calculate the risks properly and act accordingly, regardless. 

I recall an #AllHeartsAlways post I wrote about here in September 2014 about helping a woman with a child on her back who had got caught up in a heavy rain and were struggling to cross a very road. Every time I think back on that scene I feel a chill go through me and wonder what would have happened if I had not gotten there at that precise moment. I wonder why others did not stop to help her and her baby. I wonder how she is faring now because she left before I could get my car and come back to where I left them. We need to do more for ourselves in our societies, far much more than we are presently doing. 

A colleague told me about an incident that happened to her a while back. There was a very poor hawker who usually passed in front of her house every morning and whose kid had stopped going to school but helped her with her bits and bob. She called her one day and asked some questions thus finding out that this woman could no longer afford sending her son to school due to the limited funds they had. My colleague asked her how much was needed for the boy's fees and when she was told, she gave the mother the money and told her to go pay the boy's fees so he could get back to school.

A few days later, she noticed the woman and her son no longer passed in front of her house and she just assumed that perhaps school runs had occupied her. One day, she discovered that the hawker and her son had resorted to taking an alternative route in order to avoid her. The woman, for whatever reason, had not paid the boy's fees after all. So rather than face further questions from the benefactor, they took to dodging her.

My colleague was pretty disappointed in how things turned out and she simply ignored them but I said to her, that's not the best way to have gone about it. Knowing the hawker had immediate needs and possibly debts, she should have paid the money directly to the school herself. It wouldn't have been so difficult to get the principal's number and account details and transfer the fees rather than hand it over to the mother. I know the woman was very wrong for not using the money she got for the purpose to which it was given but the truth is that a hungry and desperate person is not always the most reasonable person. Thankfully,my colleague was understanding to see things from that perspective and promised to search for the woman and try to sort her out.

Regardless of how many times we might get burnt while helping others, we just must keep at it and ensure that our human milk of kindness returns to it's original form of free-flowing.  We must keep being #AllHeartsAlways no matter what, because in the end we would always have that priceless inner peace and satisfaction that comes with reaching out.

I saw the video below and I was completely appalled by the attitudes of people towards the situation on ground (no pun intended). Now I know there are a few questions this video raises such as what manner of experiment were they doing leaving that child out there in the harsh cold for hours, etc. But the bone of contention here is this; a lot of people went past that freezing child without stopping to help. Is this what we have become?

The one thing that struck me the most in the video is the fact that as soon as people saw that a few people had gathered around to help the boy, they stopped too. While this could easily mean that people are nosy and want to be in the know when they see a crowd gathering, it also means that it takes the one person to stop and help for others to do the same as well. Why not be that one person who takes the lead is reaching out and giving help?

Have a lovely weekend ahead and do keep being #AllHeartsAlways

Friday, 27 February 2015

T.G.I.F But, How "Employable" Are You? :)

How employable are you? Think about it for a second. A lot of us "settle" for what we can get out of life and then we get into a comfort zone out of which an exit is almost impossible. Settling for a position temporarily is not so bad, but staying in that one spot without developing yourself and seeking to move higher up is a big no-no.

It isn't enough to remain stagnant because you think the world is out to get you hence the tough life you're probably experiencing. Make life worth living by developing yourself and reeling your talents in to good use. Don't stop learning but believe in yourself more as you aim higher.

Also do not get stuck in a rut in any aspect of your life, ever. 
Live. Care. Share. Learn. Teach. Keep Moving And Growing.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Height Of Ignorance (Video)

Have you seen this video by Rose P. Graham regarding the seemingly paid anti-Buhari protesters at the Chatham House in London today? I guess Rose is a reporter and she quite captured the state of mind of these protesters. It would be very difficult to prove that the protesters were NOT paid to act out roles today because majority of those she interviewed in this clip did not have a clue as to why they were protesting in the first place. I'm pretty sure one of those she interviewed has not been to Nigeria in years if at all or else why would she say she's from Yoruba when asked where she was from in Nigeria?

Anyway, watch for yourself. The video does PDP absolutely no favours but rather it reveals that a hungry man would most likely do anything for that dangling cash before his eyes.

Change And You!

My apologies for having been missing in action on the blogsphere for a couple of days. It has been one of those weeks where I have found myself swamped with work and life generally. I'm fine, just taking things easier................ well trying to.

The only constant thing in life is change and that it is a continuous process. It is not enough to try to effect change and then soft-pedal when it seems to take so much time and suck energy out of one while trying to achieving this aim. We must not allow ourselves stop clamoring for change but rather keep at it while leading by example in all we do..

I realized this week that a lot of things are not working in Nigeria because we are a very impatient people. Queues are like an abhorrent abomination to most and their reactions to them are just mind-boggling. The thought of waiting our turns for just a few minutes and sometimes even seconds doesn't seek to occur to some people and they do all they can and by any means possible to get to the front of the line, without a single thought for those whom they met on the queue.

It is rather frustrating to witness such shambolic attitudes but rather than ignore or create scenes which could easily degenerate into something nasty, I would like to encourage us all to keep at correcting the erring and guilty parties until they get it. Hopefully they will realize their folly and act right some day soon. We would all be the better for it.

Be the change you so desire.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sexism, Ageism, Nepotism And The Evils In Between........

There are a few things that I believe are hindering development in Nigeria and I will be highlighting them in this post. In my own opinion, if we can overcome these issues, most of our problems would be sorted out.

First of all is "Ageism". In Nigeria, it is generally believed and expected of you NOT to challenge those older than you even when it is glaring that they are absolutely WRONG!! -_- I cannot understand how a system is supposed to function adequately when one cannot speak one's mind in terms of asking questions or challenging an older person especially knowing for a fact that they are in the wrong.

Just the other day, I was at the Sunday market in Ogba and as usual got a "basket boy" to help me with my purchases. Suddenly, we were accosted by an old man who demanded that the boy should pay his "daily due"! Now, this is a market I frequent often and until that day, I had never heard of such a thing. Of course, my naturally curious self casually asked the man why he wanted to collect the money from the struggling chap and when it became law. His reaction was as irritating as it was expected given the society I'm in. He was vexed and he went off at me verbally for daring to question him. I made him understand that regardless of his age, I had EVERY right to ask questions and clarify things. I also told him the country is rotten the way it is partly because the older generation feel the younger ones have NO right to question their actions or inaction.

Next up is "Sexism".  Now, I know that sexism affects both genders but we all know it affects the women more. This is so rife in our society. I see it everywhere and I mean everywhere around me. Even places and in people you would expect to know better display this disgusting attitude towards women. I cannot even begin to describe how offensive it is for me as a female to be talked down at simply because I do not have any biceps to flex or a penis to boot am female. Just the other day, a female filmmaker/celeb in Lagos was denied entry a restaurant simply because she was an unaccompanied single female!!! I was gobsmacked when I read about her encounter. Some men think they are God's gifts to earth and that women are to be seen and not heard! What arrant poppycock is that in this day and time? I am female and an intelligent one at that, if that intimidates you to the point of thinking my opinions are a no-no just because I'm female and I can't/shouldn't know any better, then I am well and truly sorry for your pathetic self.

For centuries, women have been objectified and made to feel inferior to men and even to children in some cultures so I am quite glad that we are becoming more vocal and being taken more seriously in larger societies. I have also noticed that the new fad is to label, albeit in a derisive manner, any female with a contrary opinion to men a feminist or even a lesbian. I have experienced it and have been called such to my face so I know damn well what I'm talking about. Of course I schooled such people and helped them realize their follies. Sigh.

I apologize for sounding angry but you would be too if you have been on the receiving end of these poppycock attitudes from people. The fact remains that just because we are buxom does not mean we have cotton wools for brains so kindly deal with it! If we had more intelligent and committed women in key positions in this country, we would be the better for it.

Lastly is "Nepotism". Nearly everyone is guilty of this one, Nepotism. I understand the need to want a great future for your children, but for God's sake if they are not competent and lack the skill-set for what you do, why force it on them? I know a few organizations that went kaput when the founders decided, against all odds, to allow their incompetent offsprings run the businesses. You also find cases where better qualified people are passed up at work just to create a space for the owner's child or relative. Now this is not to say that one's children/relatives always run down family businesses, I actually have a few examples of how it worked out pretty well. I'm just saying if we do not allow nepotism to cloud our judgement, we would be the better for it. There are several companies abroad that have been in existence for decades and even over a century and this is simply accuse they put the right and adequate people possessing the required skills in place rather than allow emotions such as nepotism take over their senses. There's a godfather in particular state in the West who has fixed all his kids in prominent political positions across the state, regardless of their disciplines and experiences.

How long shall we continue like this in Nigeria? I know reshaping this country to be way better than it presently is and to be at par with western countries is not rocket science and we do not need a messiah from space to come and get it done right for us.

The answers and solutions to our problems lies in our heads and in our hands. Take out ageism, sexism and nepotism from the mix and add enlightenment, selflessness and patriotism to it and we would be good to go!

My Artist Of The Moment - Alex Boye

Here's another brilliant piece from Alex Boye. I believe this is one of his own songs and not a cover. Lovely song. Enjoy.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Let's Talk About Sex Positions And Hell....

Just when you think the world cannot get any weirder, something like this pops up on your radar. Here's an alleged man of God talking about how not to have sex if you want to make it to heaven. -_-

According to him, God showed him a special part in hell where couples who defile their matrimonial beds reside and are daily tormented by demons. -_- By defiling, he means when you have sex in any other positions but the missionary style. So if you indulge in doggie, 'hanging', riding, etc, ahem, you just might be heading to hellfire. -___-

He went. Further to say that the bible already made man the head of the family and as such, if a wife straddles her husband during sex, then she's trying to take over that role and they are both heading to hell. Ok, the more I type the more it becomes ridiculous to me so view the video and help me understand this man. Good luck to you. :/

Thursday, 19 February 2015

LMAO. Do Not Watch While Eating!

OMG. I actually choked laughing while watching this hilarious remake of Beyonce's Single Ladies in Yoruba version by Nigerian comedienne EmmaOMG. He is so creative and maybe a tad underrated in the industry. I would gladly hire him for any occassion above others.

See for yourself but be sure you are not eating or drinking anything when you do. :)

We Really Don't Have To Die

I have come to realize an appalling fact about Nigeria which is the scarily high level of needless deaths. So many of the deaths that occur daily are actually very avoidable but due to our total disregard for health and safety, they happen and thus increases the number of grief-stricken loved ones left behind.

The one most rampant and annoyingly needless cause of death is by road accident, which occurs usually due to reckless driving and disregard for the lives of others. Recently, a popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji, has reported an alarming number of road accidents and it makes me shudder at the thought of the several others which goes unreported. I think it is high time the government steps in and takes the nforcement of road laws very very seriously. I know some commercial bus drivers drink alcohol as early as 6am in the morning before starting their day and therefore risking the lives of the hundreds of passengers they carry daily.

Google image of an accidented Danfo bus
Just the other night on my way home from a function, I saw a terrible accident involving a Danfo bus. The bus was hanging on top of the concrete road divider, it's passengers hurt and in shock. We were going to stop to help but two other Danfo buses had stopped to help, smack bang in the middle of the road so we were shunted to the last lane and therefore couldn't stop. I had to call the emergency number 767 immediately to send an ambulance to the scene. Day in day out, there are loads of horror stories by different people of the recklessness of these Danfo drivers.

I will not forget in a hurry, a Danfo accident I witnessed last year. It happened right in front of my car and I was really fortunate not to have been involved in the ensuing carnage. I saw cars smashed up, bodies flying in the air and limbs ripped off simply because the idiotic Danfo driver ran a red light. If my body had not gone into shock-mode upon witnessing that accident, I would have probably beaten the driver into a pulp. I was so traumatized and shocked by that incident that all I could usefully do at the scene was call the emergency number. The operator tried her best to console me because I was a traumatized wreck and I just could not understand why so many had to die and be injured because of the one selfish individual who could not wait for the green light.

It is not enough to formulate road law policies without actually implementing them, regardless of who breaks these laws. There are several ways of ensuring sanity on our roads and we need to start exploring these ways as soon as possible because for everyday we ignore the shenanigans of these reckless road users, our lives are actually in danger. By "our", I mean you and I and all other road users.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Moving Reality For Most People

You don't really grasp how tough parenting really is until you are plunged into it yourself. Parents make so much sacrifices for their children to ensure they get better lives than they have had themselves.

Here's a moving advert from MetLife Hong Kong about how a little daughter realizes the intense sacrifices her father has been making to ensure her happiness and comfort. He really goes all out to show he cares for her always.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Happy Birthday To Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

It's my birthday today and I can't quite put into words how happy and elated I am. I'm grateful for life, sound health, my family and loved ones, my job, my colleagues, my e-friends, my e-fans, my dearest blog visitors, my country and so very many more.

This birthday is even more special for me because I prayed for two miracles for a dear friend yesterday and both came through. I was up until 4am this morning shedding tears of joy and gratitude for such was the depth of my request and the awesomeness of it being granted.

I wish everyone loads of joy and unending love in their lives. Keep being AllHeartsAlways and do endeavor to make my day even more special by being a blessing to at least one needy person today. Cheers.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Wow! People Being Awesome

I came across this insanely awesome video yesterday and I knew I just had to share it. It was so touching that I smiled ever so brightly but with wet lashes through it all. Human beings ought to be this way to animals and even more so to ourselves. We would all be a better people for it. :)

Go on and do something extraordinary for a total stranger in dire need today. 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Your Roving Penis And Its Consequences.

Last December, I came across a tweet that gave me concern and made me go on an angry rant afterwards. I munched the initial tweet below and my responses to it in order to shed more light on this growing and bothersome trend. It is about married Nigerian men cheating on their wives with their housemaids. You may go all "ewwww, who stoops that low?", but I can tell you for free that very many men are indulging in this act. Gone are the days when it was just the illiterate men who indulged in this and bragged about it to their friends under mango trees, these days, the very educated and enlightened are equally guilty of partaking in such. 

Between that December and now, I have heard of several more of such stories and experiences from victims (wives and housemaids). and I have felt their pain, anguish and shame. Yes, it is a shameful thing to discover that your beloved educated husband is sleeping with your uncultured housemaid who you employed to help with the house chores and possibly children. This trend is actually way more rampant than we can imagine and it almost always ends tragically.

I can still recall an incident I read in the dailies in 2008 about a man who claimed he was seduced by his housemaid. His wife had absolutely no clue while they carried on the illicit affair for over a year. According to him, he offered the maid money on several occasions but she would always turn it down and state that whenever she was ready to collect money from him, she would ask him. He said she allowed him have his way with her in every imaginable and unimaginable ways possible, permitting him to use all manners of items on her during intercourse. Some of the items included his vibrating phone, his feet, his horsewhip, etc.  -_-

Then one day, she said she was leaving the job and gave them a notice of a few weeks. They cajoled her to stay but she was adamant and intent on leaving. She walked up to the randy man one day and asked him for a million Naira! Just like that. He was taken aback and he laughed it off, thinking she was joking. He gave her some money, about N50,000 and she rejected it, weeping profusely at his refusal to hold up his end of the bargain and how he's used her unrepentantly during the period of time. She wanted a million or nothing and his refusal to comply made her threaten and swear but he just laughed it off as empty threats.

A few days before the date she was meant to travel back to where she had come from, our cunning and philandering Romeo got a distress call from one of his neighbours. He rushed home and discovered that the maid had turned on the boiler, filled a bathtub with scalding water and then sat his only child, a four-year-old girl in it. She then locked the doors and absconded, never to be seen again (as at press time then). The little girl's cries alerted the neighbours but the damage had been done. He was devastated beyond belief  and had to own up to the devious role he played in ruining his child's life and thus his marriage.

That story has never left me since I read it many years ago and to now find out that such atrocities are still being committed is really disappointing and frightening for me. Even worse are the wives that realize their husbands' indiscretions, yet turn a blind eye but rather take it out on the housemaid. The point of this post is to inform the women, especially the working class ones, that they need to keep an eye out constantly in case such acts are being committed right under their noses. It is also to enlighten men on the effect their thrill-seeking pleasure can have on the innocent victims (wife and children).

Read the content of each picture from bottom upwards: 

Enough has been said. If you currently engage in such affairs, it is in your best interest to desist from such. And if you have a friend or relative who does same, you might want to share this post with them. Every day is for the thief, but one day is for the owner.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Some Like It Hot, Some Like It Cold....

There's an African saying that "he who has a head has no cap, yet he who has no cap has a head". That's the situation in this story where a young 17-year-old boy asked for a penis reduction, supposedly the first ever penis reduction on earth, because the size of his penis was stopping him from being able to have sex or play sports. Before the surgery, which was suckcessful by the way, his penis measured 10 inches round and 7 inches long. And if you're wondering already, the old penis did not get bigger when erect, rather it only just got harder. -_-

The surgery procedure involved surgeons unwrapping his skin after making an incision where the old circumcision mark was. After which they then cut out two parts of tissue from each side.There are very many men who would gladly pay to have enlargements while this poor lad needed a reduction. This life ehn..........

Find the before and after pictures after the cut. Brace yourselves, they are graphic pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valentine's Day..............

Have a wonderful Valentine's day ahead dearest blog visitors. And if you're single and fretting, don't. Make the most of every moment you have alive. It gets better. :)

QOD: What's the most you've ever done for someone for valentine or received from someone ?

Be happy. Be AllHeartsAlways.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Butterflies In My Tummy :)

Yayyyyyyy, it's Friday and I'm happy for the weekend is upon me. There's something about Friday's that brings out the best in me which I just can't place. Could it be because the next day is Saturday and I don't have to wake up so early? Or could be because Fridays are usually dress-down at work and being casual probably sets off fun-hormones in me? Hehehehe.

This Friday, I'm buzzing because my brother who owns and runs Cake Mayor, paid me a surprise visit at work with a box of delicious varieties of cupcakes. He actually pranked me by calling 5 minutes earlier and claiming he was at home and had just called to check on me. So imagine my pleasant surprise when I got a call from the front desk that there was a Joseph from a media company asking to see me, getting out there and seeing him standing there. I ran up to him and hugged him hard like he had been away for years. LOL.

If you haven't tasted cakes from Cake Mayor yet, then you are so last year. :) His cakes are a sinfully delicious delight that would make you melt and tremble. In the box below, I've got different types of cupcakes like Coffee cake, Red Velvet cake, Vanilla cake, Chocolate cake and Strawberry cake. Yum Yum. It is really hard deciding which to share with my colleagues and which to keep for myself. Sigh. :D 

I'm not the only one pleased with the cupcakes, everyone around me are as well. So surprise someone today and make happiness spread. Happiness is contagious. :)

Above The Law ............. Not!!

Remember the story I posted here in December about the Korean senior executive who went nuts and ordered a plane to turn around because a flight attendant served her macadamia nuts in a bag rather than in a dish? Well, it turns out her grovelling apologies were not enough to keep her out of jail. 

Cho Hyun-ah, the Korean Air heiress has been sentenced to a year imprisonment for violating aviation laws. Prior to her sentencing, she had apologized publicly, resigned from all her posts and got a verbal lashing from her father, but alas she still has to go to jail for breaking the law. Pride did come before a fall, a fall from grace to grass because the Koreans are big on upholding family reputations.

It makes me ponder on the extent to which we have lost our judicial sense of reasoning in Nigeria when compared with the Koreans. Here in Nigeria, you can get away with murder if you have the right connections and wealth and I do not mean this statement figuratively. There are so many ills being covered up to save face and reputations such that would appall even the devil himself. I really hope the day would come when we will properly jail looters, murderers and corrupt rich/influential people rather than let them getaway with their bogus "do you know who I am" claims!!

The sad part is that there would always be the ignorantly myopic Nigerians who would think and insist that the sentencing of Cho Hyun-ah is a bit too much for her small crime especially seeing as she has since apologized.  

Sigh. RME. *walks away slowly*

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Can You AfFord To Do This? :_

Most of my readers who know me personally are aware that I'm big on pranks (sane ones only, I promise :). I even wrote here about some of my past pranks a while ago.Yesterday I got into the mood again and pulled a prank on my family friend via a bogus phone call telling him he had won some money. His reaction was hilarious and priceless and the laughter was endless after I revealed myself. :)

Here's a PR marketing stunt from Ford geared towards valentine for their customers. It shows a young lady on blind dates with some guys, after which she offers them a ride in her new 2015 Mustang GT. She initially acts like a "dumb blonde" (I hate this stereotypical expression) who cannot drive properly and then flips the script. LOL.

Rofo-Rofo Campaign

Just when you think the campaigns for the forthcoming Nigerian elections cannot get any messier (there has been near orgasmic mudslinging frenzies and cringe-worthy sappy campaign adverts from the two major parties), you get hit by another one far worse than the last. Who in their right minds comes up with these things? 

It really doesn't get more blasphemous than this!!!!

I wonder how much longer they will keep using the cover of religion to mess with people's brains and emotions!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Delaware cop sings Taylor Swift while on patrol

This video made some waves a few weeks ago and I just had to share. Very spirited man and a very fun song. :)

Just Do Right

I remember a preacher back in the days used to say this in between preaching "do as I say, don't do as I do".  Little did I realize the gravity in that seemingly simple yet rhythmic phrase until I was more grown up. It simply meant he could very well do as he pleased so long as you did whatever he said and not what he acted on. 

These days I am convinced a lot of people preach one thing and do the exact opposite just to satisfy their innate selfish desires. How do you explain a situation whereby people deliberately break simple traffic rules and face oncoming vehicles simply because they don't have the sense nor patience to wait in line. These loony road users put their lives and those of others at risk but of course all that doesn't matter so long as they can brag about how they got to wherever they are rushing to upon arrival. Even more worrisome is the fact that such irrational behavior is seen as acceptable by most, even the traffic wardens who should pull them over and penalize them.

There are many other examples of how people gets sucked into the vacuum of loosing their heads (and principles) because those around them are doing same. Rather than stick to ones guns and do right, a lot of people succumb to societal pressures and taunts despite their previous resolve not to. It doesn't make you less cool if you stand for what is right and stick to it rather than do wrong because everyone else is indulging. 

What is right is, what is wrong is wrong.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Odd News Alert

I came across this piece of news and I just had to share. Just when you think you've read it all.

LOL ......

Monday, 9 February 2015

Thinking Out of The Box

I came across the picture below and I just had to share it. Sometimes in life, we have to think deep and act smart quickly to get out of certain dicey situations. There's a lot to learn from this story, like leaving abusive relationships/marriages, being professional and patient on the job (the call operator), realizing that things are never always what they seem or sound like at first, being brave and bold no matter what one is faced with and going the extra mile to survive.

I hope someone out there an learn from this. Cheers.