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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

#BritishHumour : FASCINATING AIDA - Cheap Flights

Yeah, I know it's been eons since I posted on here but alas, it is what it is. I am working on being better than before, I am, honestly. :) I've missed you all and I have missed writing so much. I cannot believe I haven't put up a post in over a week, Lord have mercy! 0_0

I do apologise. :)


By the way, the mother and child in the post below were reportedly identified and reconnected with their family. Amazing things still happen online. ;)
Nothing beats a wry British humour amidst the chaos that sums up what the country and most of our adult lives are at the moment. You have to know/read up on Ryan Air and EasyJet Airlines to fully appreciate the humour in this comedy clip.
Remember, no matter how bad things might be looking now, surely, there are better days ahead. So hang in there and remain hopeful.


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Mother And Daughter Found Wandering. Can You ID Them?

A woman, Mrs. Ibeh Pauline Chioma, and her daughter, Nwokedi Rita have been found wandering on the streets of Owode community in Obafemi-Owode Local Government Area of Ogun state by a traditional ruler.

The woman who hails from Anambra State and suspected to be mentally unstable was  found along with her six year old  daughter on Sunday night at Ijaiye area of Owode-Egba  by the Olu of Owode Egba, Oba Kolawole Sowemimo. According to Oba Sowemimo, the woman appeared a bit confused, lacking orientation to time and location, while her daughter was also crying when they were found around 11pm on Sunday.

The monarch said the woman claimed to come from St. Anthony Catholic Church, Oji River in Enugu State and that document found in her luggage indicated the item belonged to one Mr Ibeh Lebeogo Augustine. The traditional ruler said he found them while going to the Celestial Church, Ijaiye where he was invited as the Royal Father of the Day at their Harvest, and was moved with pity to help them.

According to Oba Sowemimo, he has drawn to the attention of the state’s Ministry Women Affairs and Social Development to the plights of the mother and daughter. He  added that he would take the woman in a mental home for treatment if nobody comes forward to claim her.
"It is my habit to always drive around in the evening. It was around 11pm in the night that I saw them. The girl was crying and the mother was just talking and I noticed she is not mentally stable. I took them into the car and took them home. When we got home, my wife  gave them food and clothes because their clothes were dirty. I came here so that the press people will help me flash their pictures so that their families can come for them."

Sunday, 21 August 2016

#DearBuki: Please Don't Let Us Starve

Dear Buki, I hope you are fine? I've been a silent follower and I must commend your hardwork.

Pls my post is a cry for help. I'm a single mother of a 22months old beautiful daughter. I've been struggling to make ends meet for my daughter and also for my siblings since d death of my parents. I want to go into a petty trade to sustain my daughter and sibling and would appreciate if I could get help for fund.

Thank you so much for your time and may God Almighty continue to bless you more, Amen!

Esther Orhoro


Apologies for my late response. How are you doing today? 

I am sorry about what you are going through. The truth is that life throws a lot of challenges at each and everyone of us, but we must rise above these challenges and aspire to become better. 

Having said that, may I know what sort of petty trading you want to go for, how much you would need and also if you don't mind me sharing this post and my response on my blog. If you permit me to do so, you would need to provide a contact number or address so that people who want to help you can reach out to you easily. I don't have much on me at all at the moment due to the various commitments to others i have been involved in but I will send you some money as soon as i can. 


Buki O.

Dear Buki,

Thank you so much for replying. I am trying to be fine by God's grace.

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement.

I want to go into selling of foodstuff and provisions. I would need 300k and would like you to share the post on your blog. My number is 08034000417. My bank detail is Esther Orhoro. GTB 0013079434.

I truly appreciate your kindness, may God Almighty continue to bless you more IJN, Amen.

Esther Orhoro


Dear Good People Out There,

Here's a chance to reach out and help Esther. Kindly donate what you can to her. Let's be #AllHeartsAlways to this needy single mother with several mouths to feed.

I know with your help, she will be back to share good news of success and positive turnaround.

Thank you.

Buki O.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Nigerian Soldiers Pluck Out Eye Of Road Safety Official

An official of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Segun Enikuemehin, who dared to ask some military men who were assaulting a civilian to desist from such a dastardly act is currently at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) with one of his eyes totally damaged.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon when Mr. Enikuemehin came upon the military men beating a harmless civilian.  Convinced that the military officials would beat the man to death if nothing was done, he reportedly walked up the angry soldiers and pleaded that they let the man go or hand him over to the police if he had done something illegal. The military men would not take such effrontery lightly as they descended on the Good Samaritan and started beating him as well. 

But not even the beating from the soldiers would discourage him, and he managed amidst his own beating to rescue the already battered man, whom he then took to the Adekunle Police station at Ebute Metta.

Thereafter, Mr. Enikuemehin led the police back to the venue of the incident. Upon sighting him in the company of the policemen, the soldiers, who were by that time already cooling off at a nearby beer parlor, became even enraged and descended on Mr. Enikuemehin, during which the eye was plucked out. The damaged eye was reportedly picked from the ground and the man rushed down to the General Hospital.  Rejected upon arrival by that hospital, the blinded man reportedly asked that he be taken to LUTH.

Meanwhile, the soldiers, upon realizing what they had done, were said to have taken to their heels but were overtaken by residents and handed over to the police.
The story got messier when a relative of the stabbed Federal Road Safety Officer went back to the police station only to find that the military men had already been released by the police. While still digesting that development, one of the accused soldiers walked into the station in the company of a senior officer who was identified as Captain Okoli.

Mr. Enikuemehin’s Uncle, Prince Ojatunwse Oluwajoba, said the DPO of Adekunle Police Station informed him when he got there that the soldier who stabbed his nephew had been handed over to the military authorities. He said that soldier, who had been in civilian clothes when the incident happened, arrived at the police station with Captain Okoli to collect his identity card and other personal effects that had been taken from him at the station.

According to Mr. Oluwajobaa, doctors at LUTH are now saying his nephew’s left eye has been completely damaged and that the second eye might be affected as well if proper medical care is not given.

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Monday, 15 August 2016

New Week, Endless Opportunities

Good morning good people. Rise and shine for it's a brand new week filled with great opportunities. I watched a playback of British athlete Mo Farrah's race in the Olympics and I was mighty impressed by it. He took a fall during the race, picked up himself, continued the race and went ahead to WIN THE RACE, thus winning a gold medal. One of the athletes stumbled on Mo when he fell, but seeing as Mo, who fell, went ahead to win the race, that fella has no excuse for not winning. He can even claim "oh, Mo fell and I tripped over him so that set me back from winning"! Errrr, if the fallen can go on ahead to make it tops, why couldn't you?

This just proves that no matter the challenges life throws at you, you just must keep going on and not quit. Rather than focus on the darkness within the tunnel, always focus on the light at the end of the tunnel instead. Let that propel you to do more and do better every time. 

As you go about your lives this week, remember to be #AllHeartsAlways to the needy around you and do not give up, come what may.

Have a blessed and prosperous week ahead. 

Much Love.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Alleged N11.23 Billion Fraud Uncovered At NPA, Three Banks Fingered

The new management of the Nigerian Ports Authority has uncovered fraud totalling N11.23 billion at the agency, officials familiar with the matter revealed. The officials said the Managing Director, Hadiza Bala Usman, and her executive directors have since their assumption of duties on July 18 been poring through the books of the maritime agency. So far, a series of transactions suspected to be fraudulent and amounting to N11.23 billion have been uncovered.

Of the amount, $24.1million (N7.47billion at N310 per dollar) was traced to Heritage Bank, the successor bank to the defunct Societe Generale Bank owned by the Saraki family.
Insiders said the funds were collected by the bank as revenue for NPA, but that the financial house, in collusion with some officials of the maritime agency, failed to move it into NPA’s Treasury Single Account with the Central Bank of Nigeria.

“They were hiding the money there, and earning interests,” one official said.
The former management of the agency also failed to disclose the funds in the handover note passed to the Ms. Bala Usman-led team. Another six million (N2.09 billion at N348 to a dollar) were found concealed in two banks – First Bank of Nigeria and First City Monument Bank. Yet another $5.4million (N1.67billion at N310 to a dollar) belonging to the NPA was moved to TSA accounts in the CBN different from those belonging to the maritime agency, insiders say.

It remains unclear what the new NPA management is doing to recover the funds, but Mrs. Bala Usman already contacted Heritage Bank, First Bank and FCMB directing them to release the agency’s funds in their custody. Heritage Bank’s officials were quoted to have claimed that releasing the funds might lead to the collapse of their bank. When contacted, the NPA managing director confirmed that her team had been receiving briefings and looking into the books of the agency in the past weeks. She said revenue leakages and hidden funds had been located but that she was not ready to provide details because the minister supervising the authority had not been briefed.

The public got to know of the fraud in the NPA hours after Ms. Bala Usman indicated that her management would audit funds sunk into dredging projects. Ms. Bala Usman made the disclosure to journalists at the end of her tour of Calabar port, which many stakeholders suggested should be dredged to accommodate bigger ocean-going vessels. According to her, there is need to look at some of the funds expended on capital and maintenance dredging.
She said that funds used for such dredging projects in the past “should not be that high’’.
“It’s good time for us to compare capital dredging and maintenance dredging,’’ she said.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

#BlogFeaturePost Reasons Why Buhari's Government Is Failing Nigerians

In the 2015 elections, Mr. Muhammadu Buhari convinced Nigerians to do something that had never been done before – turn power over to the opposition party at the national level. In return, Nigerians expect him and his party, the APC, to do something that is hard to do – successfully steer Nigeria through turbulent economic and political waters. 
The Nigerian people have held up their side of the bargain, by sweeping Mr. Buhari to the presidency and delivering the Senate, House of Representatives and the Governorship of a plurality of states to the APC. In doing so, Nigerians provided Mr. Buhari with every tool that a President needs to succeed. 
Over one year later, the promise of change has become a premise of doom. Nigeria is ravaged by an economy in recession, heightening insecurity, epileptic power supply and a host of other ills. 

Here are five major factors that have contributed to the Buhari government’s failings in steering the Nigerian ship of state. 

1: No sense of urgency

Mr. Buhari is slow and steady. However, while a slow and steady hand might be needed for a pediatrician that delivers babies, fast and firm hands are required for a surgeon that is working in the emergency wing of a hospital. Nigeria is in the emergency wing. Patient Nigeria’s condition cannot be managed with aspirin. The nation needs to be wheeled immediately into the operating theater and worked on, fervently, and with a sense of utmost urgency. 
Mr. Buhari does not seem to have the same view of the condition of patient Nigeria that the rest of the country has. Six months into his administration, Buhari was yet to name his government. When the names emerged, it was one that he could have come up with on day one. No one knows how hard Mr.Buhari tried to find capable Nigerians to join him in steering the ship of state. Yet somehow, of the 170 million Nigerians that are alive, some of whom are doing big things in Nigeria and beyond, it was the present batch of overused, recycled names and faces that Mr. Buhari brought forward. 

No one knows how Mr. Buhari made his selection. No one knows why it took him six months to select a weak bench. However, this is how the world’s best nations and companies do it: they commission experts to do the job. The experts would be given a brief, told the types of men and women that the government is seeking, and asked to roam the world in search of talent. Nigeria does this all the time when we are seeking for soccer talent to put in the National team.
Mr. Buhari’s lack of urgency extends beyond how he selected his cabinet. For the last two years, Fulani herdsmen and farming communities have engaged in what can only be called ethnicwarfare - that has razed villages to the ground and killed thousands of people. Yet nothing has been done to stop the killings. The power sector is comatose, yet no workable, practical plan has been put forward for addressing the issues. Militancy is on the rise in the Niger Delta, yet no coherent plan for winning the war or policing the peace has been proposed. 
And for a nation that is trying to encourage foreign direct investment, it should not take over one year to appoint ambassadors. 

2: Hiring for Loyalty

Mr. Buhari values loyalty above all things. It is easy to understand why this is the case. Mr. Buhari was aided to power in 1983 by his friends. By 1985, the same friends had toppled him. Mr. Buhari seems to have decided that he prefers brothers to friends. In speeches and comments that he has made since becoming President, Mr. Buhari has used the loyalty argument to explain away his most baffling appointments. 
A President that is committed to success, must act in the interest of the nation. They must be willing and open to making themselves vulnerable, if that is the price of progress. Without overcoming this inner battle that drives them towards loyalty above all else, they will be doomed to embracing the familiar but frail grip of mediocrity rather than the uncertain but ultimately successful grasp of progress.

3: Policy Vacuum

At the beginning of his administration, Mr. Buhari told Nigerians the many things he thought was wrong with the country. He bemoaned the fact that Nigerians imported things as basic as toothpick. He talked about how frustrated he was that the judicial system was hampering his anti-corruption war.
Almost one year later, nothing has changed. Mr. Buhari, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and leader of the party that controls the Senate and the House of Representatives is still lamenting.
Not a single coherent and consistent policy framework that is aimed at correcting many of the ills that Buhari has complained about have been put in place. Nothing has been done to make it easier for Nigerian businessmen to manufacture toothpick in Nigeria than for them to import it. There are no trains and inland water networks that will help them transport the wood that they need from the forests to the cities where their production sites and customers are. There are no plans for providing them with the energy they need to cut the wood, shave and package it.There are no policies that provide investors with access to capital at interest rates that encourage local production. There are no environmental policies that will regulate how trees are cut down and ensure that deforestation does not result, once we start making our own toothpick. 
It does not matter what sector one looks at, the issues are exactly the same – the Buhari government is doing nothing of substance to enable Nigeria’s growth. Till date, the Petroleum Industry Bill, which experts all agree is key to unlocking the immense potential of Nigeria’s downstream oil sector has continued to languish. 

4: A Half Hearted Anti-Corruption War

Mr. Buhari rode to power on the back of the Horse called Anticorruption. Over one year later, Nigerians are still watching the horse show. Not a single conviction has been secured in any of the major corruption cases. Despite over one year of high drama, corruption has not been banished in the country that is led by a man elected on the platform of eradicating corruption. 
Buhari has complained about the judicial system that drags out cases, and a judiciary that appears complicit in corruption. Yet, he has not sent a single bill to the national assembly to modify Nigeria’s laws so that the walls of protection that the current laws offer to the corrupt can be brought down. And for those who would argue that the National Assembly would never pass such bills – here is what the Nigerian people say: let the President at least try and then he will see how a nation will rise to defend a President that is carrying out the will of the people.
Nigerians have demonstrated that they will support the President if he as to ask for speedier trials and stiffer penalties.  

Corruption comes dressed as many things. In its most familiar garb, it is the pilfering of public funds. But corruption is also providing employment to ones cronies and family members without due process. While the political expediency of ignoring corruption within one’s own party can be understood, it should not be tolerated. Corruption is an infectious disease. It cannot be managed. It needs to be eradicated. 
So far, Mr. Buhari has not lived up to the lofty expectations Nigerians had. As time passes, Mr. Buhari’s anti-corruption war increasingly seems to be little more than a handy distraction for an increasingly critical populace.

5: Economy - Firefighting Approach, No Strategy

When the history of Mr. Buhari’s term in office will be written, Nigerians will not remember how many people were locked up for corruption. They will not remember how many Boko Haram insurgents were taken off the battle field. They will not remember how many pipelines were blown up by militants. They will only remember whether it was a period of prosperity or a period of lack. So far, Buhari’s term has been a period of abject lack and debilitating poverty. 
For those who say Mr. Buhari inherited a mess that needs time to be cleaned up, here is a simple response: it was a mess he fought hard to inherit. Mr. Buhari was not running for president in Egypt. From 2003 till 2015 – 12 long years, Mr. Buhari fought for the opportunity to lead Nigeria. He knew that Nigeria was not saving for a rainy day. He knew that oil prices were dropping precipitously. He knew that the national assembly was expert at padding budgets. He knew that politicians and civil servants were pilfering public funds. He talked about all these problems incessantly when he was running for office. 

Anyone looking to see how courageous leaders respond when they inherit a mess should look to Barack Obama. In 2008, he was handed the worst recession that America had seen in over 40 years. His response was epic. He rolled out the largest stimulus program ever implemented by a nation, and hired the best minds in the country. He also threw petty loyalties aside and invited former rivals like Hilary Clinton into his cabinet. Seven years later, 15 million jobs have been gained, and the USA is perhaps the best performing developed economy in the world. 

Despite knowing Nigeria’s dire condition, Mr. Buhari did not seem prepared for the challenge of running a nation that was overly reliant on a single commodity for its sustenance. One year later, nothing seems to have changed. While the Buhari government’s fiscal policy is supposedly geared towards encouraging investment, the monetary policy put out by the central bank is geared towards mopping up liquidity. Raising interest rates is a way to reduce inflation if the reason for rising prices is an excess of cash in the system. In Nigeria’s case, inflation was caused by the weakening of the Naira, not excess liquidity. 
There must be better coordination in his government. Fiscal and monetary policy must be aligned. However, there can be no coordination until the strategic aims of the government becomes clear to all. What exactly is the goal of the Buhari government? Is the goal to increase employment or to curb inflation? Is the goal to encourage local production, or encourage foreign direct investment? Or is it to do all of the above? What sectors are being targeted for growth? 
The sad truth is this – no one in Buhari’s government can articulate what the strategic aims are. And if they can, they are certainly not sharing that information with Nigerians. 


Mr. Buhari can still succeed. However, to right this sinking ship, he must do some things that he has not shown himself capable of doing in the last year – recognize the fierce urgency of the moment, overcome his innermost fears, and do right by the Nigerian people. Nigerians still believe in change. In the balance of his term, President Buhari must show himself worthy of the trust of the Nigerian people by giving them a government worthy of their expectations.


Another Year Of Celebrating Criminals

One would think a year is long enough to have learned to be better and more sensible, alas such is not the case here in Nigeria, for most. I wrote this article here last year when I saw a newspaper advert celebrating Chief Ibori, a Nigeria politician who looted his state senseless and is currently cooling his heels in a UK prison for this dastardly acts. Well, from the newspaper clipping above, not much else has changed since then. 

I look at the signed advert above and I cringe and shudder to think of the grand welcome that would take place the day Ibori is released and deported from the UK, never mind that he has deprived thousands of people comfort and the basic social amenities by pilfering state funds and using them for his personal luxury.

Oh well, one day na one day..........

How Niger Delta Avengers Was Formed

The Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA) has threatened that should former President Goodluck Jonathan further deny being the Grand Patron of the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), it will reveal more sordid details of their relationship. The threat is contained in a statement on Wednesday signed by spokesperson “Cynthia Whyte, in which he said the very name, “Avengers”, was first mouthed by Mr.   Jonathan.  “Cynthia Whyte” is an alias for the RNDA spokesperson.

Whyte noted that NDA had been formed to counter the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), but failed to achieve that objective, adding that it has not surprised the RNDA that Mr. Jonathan, as NDA Grand Patron, has distanced himself from the violent group.

“Like every sponsor, sympathizer and operative earlier mentioned who has equally denied links with the Avengers, we can understand the wisdom behind their decision; as their participation was always meant to becovert,” the spokesperson said. 

Whyte recalled that following a clandestine meeting in Otuoke, Bayelsa State in 2014 between the GrandPatron and several unidentified persons ahead of the Presidential election campaign of 2015, it was agreed that the Okah brothers should be contacted to reach out to MEND to endorse Mr. Jonathan and to work with the group of persons to ensure victory for the PDP and President Jonathan.  MEND was the suggested tool at the time, the spokesperson said, because the NDA as a body was not yet formed.

Mr. Kingsley Kuku and Mr. Gordon Obuah, [Special Adviser] on Niger Delta and Chief Security Officer to President Jonathan, respectively were selected to visit Charles Okah in Kuje prison,” the spokesperson said.  “Mr. Daniel Alabrah was given the assignment to draft an endorsement statement for Charles Okah to go through and pass on to MEND.

According to the account, both men reported back that they had visited Okah in Kuje prison at night with the promise of his release along with others should he cooperate to get MEND to endorse Jonathan. It therefore came as a shock when MEND did the opposite and endorsed Buhari.  Mr. Jonathan was livid with anger and swore that the Okahs would rot in prison. He said it was also agreed that a show of force be put up in Yenagoa, where ex-militants led by Government Ekpemupolo and Kingsley Kuku would threaten war should the electorate vote in Buhari's favour.
It was around that period the idea of forming the Niger Delta Avengers was conceived. In fact the name "Avengers" came from the lips of Goodluck Jonathan.

As election day approached, certain stakeholders were mobilized to form a force to standby and ensure total anarchy in the South-South and South-East within 24 hours if the election results were not favourable to Jonathan. It took everyone by surprise to learn that Mr. Jonathan had conceded defeat even before the final results were released.  The standby force who were to attack specific targets were told to stand down. They were all compensated in US dollars cash.

He further stated that the Niger Delta Avengers was born from the failure at the polls and would now be used as an organ to make  the Buhari government ungovernable, bring economic hardship and cause hatred for the administration towards failure at the 2019 general elections. MEND was aware of this plot through a spy that could not be identified, and the group began its campaign to counter every effort of the NDA and the Biafra agitators to this day, the spokesperson said that MEND has been a thorn in the flesh because its successful propaganda has caused the current split in the ranks of the NDA.

Whyte concluded: “If former President Jonathan provokes us further with denials of this revelation, we will reveal more sordid details. The prison authorities in Kuje who witnessed the closed door meeting from the outside can attest to that night visit of November 2014.”