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Saturday, 10 February 2018

New Look, New Outlook.

Hello dearest blog visitors. Trust you are all doing great. I know I said I was going to be more active on my blog and all that but you know how man proposes and God disposes? Yeah, that sort of happened to me and I am still reeling at the hand life doled me.

I lost a dear friend to the cruel and ever grasping hands of death. His death has left a huge void in the hearts of his loved ones and it's even more painful that his demise could have been avoided, alas Nigeria happened. ๐Ž•His death shook me to my very core and it opened my eyes to many more things. You see, Chiedu was an absolutely amazing human being with a large heart. His heart was pure and he did good and touched lives in many ways, positively.

Seeing how he was alive and hearty one minute and gone the next makes me realise afresh that no one is promised tomorrow. I will write complete a full post on him someday. ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข Life is too short and very often it deals hard cruel blow. Why not just let go of grudges and live your life in better ways?

Don't let bad attitude or grudges stop you from getting on and enjoying life as should be. Live well, help others, dance daily, smile always, love wholly, laugh genuinely, be happy and make others around you happy and satisfied.

I took a step forward and changed the look of my blog. I've had the old look for over three years now and I suppose it is overdue a change. I hope you all like it. Do let me know if there are other things you would like to see on the blog or anything you want me write about.

I'm all about changes for the better from now on. I choose to see the positive in every situation thrown at me or in whichI find myself. I choose to see the glass half full and to utilise its contents.

I choose joy.

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