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Friday, 8 July 2016

Are The Avengers Truly Representing Their Regions?

The militant are daring the government by making unrealistic demands. Nigeria is a country that comprised of over 250 ethnic groups, so why should a region wanted to hold us to ransom? The Niger Delta Avengers claimed that their communities are not developed, the resources allocated to them are not judiciously utilize. But the question is; who is to blame? Is it the Federal, State or Local government?  Is there any region in the country is not underdeveloped? How will it look like if all of  the others pick up weapons against the government? 

The militants are fighting a just course in the wrongest of ways. The previous government had setup various mechanism and platform in which they can be liberated such as the Niger Delta ministry, NDDC, Amnesty programme and so on. Each of the States where oil is been produced get 13% oil revenue monthly, where then does the money go to? Have they challenge their immediate leaders like Councillors, Chairmen, House of Assembly Members, House of Representatives and the Senate? If all these channels of communication have been properly utilized with results, it would have be a different ball game. Or do they think they are more powerful and stronger than the government? 

All it takes is just an order which can destroy their entire generation. Where are their leaders amidst all these crisis? Where is the common sense man (Senator Ben Bruce)? Their silence means they are in support of the militants, but we must ask ourselves, will destruction of pipelines solve their problems or add to it? The called themselves Niger Delta Avengers! Are all the regions in support of there actions? 

Now that the government want to give them soft landing by negotiating with them, they are talking out of point by asking the Federal Government to withdraw the case against people like Dasuki and Tompolo! How is that going to add value to their lives? I do not see any correlation between their stance and their conditions to ceasefire. I will suggest they go back to their leaders and ask questions  on how money allocated to them so far has been spent, what they need to do more and how much will it cost so that it can be included in the government plan. I foresee problems if they over stress the patience of the Federal Government. They should all embrace peace for the interest of the nation and come up with a plan in which the government will key in to and if more funds are required then it will be added to it if their proposal is logical enough.

Article By: Olajde Beke & Buki O

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