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Monday, 7 November 2016

#RandomMusings The Power To Be Free.

Hi good people, how have you been? I know it's been a long while since I posted anything but I have been here daily almost daily. The fact is that between my workload and a threatening writers block, my absence can be explained quite unclearly. Bear with me please. 

I was on Twitter yesterday (If you aren't following me, you're on a long thing o. Lol. Oya ff @survivor17) and I saw a tweet that reminded me about an incident which occurred a short time ago after a hectic day at work, when I went to the new mall at Maryland. I'd walked past a phone store with sweet music coming out of it and naturally, I started dancing to the beat. If you know me, you would know that I'm big on music and dancing. Music soothes me and so does dancing, once the music is good. 

Anyway, I peeped into the store and saw two of the staff dancing without a care in the world, so I beckoned and asked if I could join them and they nodded and so I jumped right into the groove, lol. Very random, but you must know I'm very random like that. It felt great and free to be able to just let loose and allow good music wash over me and in such a public place as the mall. 

After dancing for several minutes, I suddenly realised the dancing duo had been recording their steps on a camcorder set up on a tripod, I fled shortly afterwards, leaving satisfied and much calmer and happier than before I walked into the mall. 

After I shared my "random dancing" experience on Twitter yesterday, I had a lot of people commenting and wishing they could do the same. So many people really wished they could do random things freely without inhibitions or the fear of being judged but because they care so much about the opinions of others and how they would be seen, they end up not doing anything at all. It made me sad to realise that people could be doing so much to make themselves happy and content yet they hold back. I said and I will reiterate that the only person stopping you from living life as you want is YOU! Yes, YOU! Not others or their opinions or their thoughts and assumptions, which you should not care about, but you.

See, half the time, the people whom you think would label, judge and mock you are actually wishing they could do just that which you want to do and the other half of the time, they really do not care enough to even notice. So there you are, depriving yourself of joy, fun and laughter based on the assumptions of others who could care less.

STOP!!! Do you and not others, always. Be happy, live, love, laugh, dance, make merry and live happily. Don't place your happiness in the hands of others, but make yourself happy and spread the positivity around you. You can do anything and be anything you so desire to be. Only YOU can stop YOU. Just be yourself.

Have a fabulously prosperous week ahead. 

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