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Monday, 24 October 2016

Learn To Say "No, Thank You".

A lot of people do not often realise that this an option on the table when it comes to resisting what is wrong. Some weeks ago, I reeled off some tweets about #BadIsBad because I felt a friend had been cheated. A national newspaper had used his cartoons, his intellectual property, without his permission or consent. I'm chipping this in because I want to use the hashtag #BadIsBad as I write this post. The more we realise that what is #BadIsBad, the better human beings we become as we resist the urge to do wrong but rather take up what is right at all times.

I've come to realise that temptations always comes in all forms most especially when we are down and in dire need of that particular thing. It is up to us to know how to say "no, thank you" in the face of these. No matter the pressure we are subjected to, we simply must not succumb to it such that we lose our reputation and possibly freedom as a result. I'm in a position where I get all manners of tempting offers thrown at me between it comes to my job, I'm professional and very ethical to the core. While a lot of people may think me weak and a tad foolish for rejecting such tantalising offers, I know better. You see, when you are dealing with contractors, the sensible and professional ones would know better than to offer you deals or cash or whatnot especially while the project is ongoing. I believe, from past experiences, that the incompetent ones use this as a tactic so that when they fail to meet their deadlines or set standard/quality, you would find it hard to chastise them because you have collected.

You cannot keep blaming politicians for all our national problems and woes when you collect, cut deals and do shady stuff in your own private life. Chances are, these politicians did same too before they got to where they are and they just carried on, without regards for the lives of the citizens they are meant to serve and care for. The fact that "that's how it's always been done", doesn't mean that it should carry on like that when you know that what is being done is absolutely wrong, i.e #BadIsBad When dodgy offers get offered to you, always bear in mind that there's a price to pay and more often that not, that price to pay comes right back around to you.

If 9 people out of 10 are doing something wrong persistently, it still doesn't make it right. Remember to say "No, thank you" in the face of adversities and trials and you will be the better for it. Rebuilding this dear nation of ours lies in our very own hands. We can do this.

Enjoy your week ahead.

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