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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

When A Positive Turnaround Happens

Wow, I just read this heartwarming story about a Bangladeshi cleaner currently working in Saudi Arabia whose picture was taken as he longingly starred into a jewellery shop. The sillybilly who snapped Nazar al-Islam Abdul Karim, posted his picture online and mocked him, saying "this man deserves to only look at rubbish". 

Unfortunately for the geezer, a positive turnaround occurred which turned Nazar's story around. That picture went viral and Abdullah Al-Qahtani, a humanitarian, took up the cause and began a search for Nazar. He sent out a tweet and Twitter users assisted in narrowing Nazar's location and kept at the search until he was found. Ever since then, there has been outpouring of gifts for Nazar and the gifts keep rolling in. From being a cleaner earning just $187 (700 Saudi Riyal), AL-Qahtani has said that money is still being sent to Nazar in addition to receiving two mobile phones (iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy), bags of rice and honey, return tickets to Bangladesh, gold trinkets, amongst other things.

I like how Nazar's story has progressed and I know that things will definitely get better for him. This just goes to prove that if no one else does anything right, YOU should. It takes ONE person, who does the right thing, to bring about positive changes. 

Be #AllHeartsAlways

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