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Sunday, 19 March 2017

#BlogFeature: Poetry Flows (III)

Below is another beautiful poem by a young lady named Titilayo Adeoye. It's her third time being featured as a guest writer on my blog and I hope it won't be the last because she writes exceptionally beautiful poems. 

Titilayo Adeoye writes from Ibadan, Nigeria. Bits of her creative gem have appeared or are forthcoming on African Writer, Kalahari Reviews, Avocet Journal #204,, Bakwa Magazine, Sabinews, Praxis Magazine and elsewhere. She edits for Kraft Books, Ibadan, Nigeria. You can follow her on instagram @adeoyepelumi and twitter @curlangel2.

Read and please do share with every one you know



Like a caged bird

who needs to be set free

and explore the beauties of the sky

so does a woman desire the free in freedom

not rhythms of feasting fists

not songs of clanging pots and spoons—kitchen theatrics

nor dialogues of the other room that interlocks her identity

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