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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Song Of The Week, A Sad Story, And Then Some.

Happy weekend folks! I have been looking forward to having such a lazy morning as I'm having right now for a while now. Phew! Talk about being overworked but loving it, lol. I'm a closet workaholic, it appears.

I had such a busy and rough week, made tougher with the news of the demise of a friend of mine. She was such a brilliant, happy and equally hardworking young lady. I still can't believe she's gone, just like that. I hate that death can be so final and unexpected, and we never get to see those we love again when they pass on. I hate the suspense of not knowing for sure what's happening on the 'other side'. Her death hurt me, cut through me and made me really sad. Her passing made me question why the heck we hustle and bustle anyways when we are all going to die at some point anyways. I'm still kind of hoping I'd get a reply to my emails to her or perhaps a call and her cheery voice laughingly telling me it's all been a mix up. Sigh. Rest in peace sweet Yemmie. 

Birthday shoutout to my darling sister Feyi. I wish you all the goodness, peace and joy you can have. Love you sis. 

I got hooked on the song below this week after I heard it fleetingly on the radio last week. Jidenna is indeed a classic man as he belts out this absolutely soothing melodious song titled Bambi. He deserves an award for this one. And did I mention his dressing is always on pointy point? Way to go bruv.

Enjoy the song, video and your weekend.

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