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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Indestructible Women, We Are.

This post was written by me early this morning and it came from a place of annoyance, bewilderment and courage at how little regard women get across the world. I read a tweet at me from a young man yesterday and he didn't believe the things women go through. He genuinely had no clue at our ordeals and wondered what made us so special. 

Then I read an obviously fictitious broadcast out loud to le hubbs that was so disrespectful, degrading and condescending to women it got even my SIX year old daughter saying "mummy, how can they say all that about women. They are lies and mean. Who wrote that?"

Let me dedicate this to all the ignorant doubting Thomas's out there who think they can walk all over women. Think again. 

I am a woman. 

I don’t know why my very existence scares you. 

I don’t know why it bothers you so much. 

Even to the point of trying to break me. 

To make and mould me into a submissive mess. 

To shape me to suit your purpose. 

Yet you wonder why I say we are oppressed. 

You genuinely do not get it that you are a part of our oppression 

I am a woman, a strong unbreakable woman. 

There are many more like me, millions more.

We were built to last, to conquer and to flourish. 

Flourish, we will for we are women. 

We are unbeatable and indestructible.

We grow everything we are given and those which we take.

We can help you grow and help you be far better.

I am a woman, a strong and powerful woman. 

I am going nowhere, none of us are until we say we are done.

Buki O.


  1. The average fellow on the streets does not know what struggles people outside his demographic faced on a regular day.
    To be candid, I think I forget sometimes and then comes a post, a tweet, a picture that reminds me.
    Thank you Buki for posting this.

    1. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment Henry. You are right and the truth is, highlighting such issues daily is part of the reasons why I started this blog in the first place. I can only hope I remain consistent until we all begin to see the impact of these words and facts out in the world. Enjoy your weekend. :)


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