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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Evil Never Sleeps....

As if the gloom of Boko Haram and ISIS aren't enough, the Taliban decided to remind us of just how evil they are too (as though we can ever forget the mayhem they've caused and the atrocities they've been committing all these years) by bombing a school filled with children in Pakistan today. For God's sake, what manner of sick twisted minds conceives these plans a strategy to prove a senseless point?

New reports are saying no less than 126 people, mostly children, were killed today!! I read that they even set a teacher alight and made the children watch plus a suicide bomber detonated his bombs inside a classroom. Come onnnnnnnnn! I don't know why all the countries aren't coming together to squash these stupid blood-thirsty cowardly terrorists once and for all. I mean where are the Chinese and Koreans in this fight against terrorism? They certainly have the manpower, courage and ammo for a victory, if you ask me. 

I just keep wondering, was today's attack on Pakistan a revenge for the torture of suspects at Guantanamo or a piss-take because Malala most likely ruffled feathers with her Nobel prize and her brave and awesome speech? Either ways, NOTHING justifies what those beasts did today. Terrorists have shown that they have no boundaries when it comes to the lives of innocent people and as such they must be treated as such. Some media houses are now reporting that ISIS are putting live scorpions into bombs and settting them off in public places thus creating untold fear and utter chaos. Gosh!! Can this madness stop already?

Rest in peace all those who have lost their lives by the hands of terrorists.

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