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Thursday, 11 December 2014

God Is Everywhere.

Even though a lot of Nigerians know this, I'm not sure they are fully aware of what it means. Some people have taken the concept of religion and God, spun into something so callously deluded and are now living a life based on such delusions. One thing I know about God is that He is big on Love and if you aren't showing selfless love to others, then you aren't there yet.

How on earth can you justify abandoning someone in dire need over your anxiety to get to church early for a weekly programme? That was what happened to someone I know a while ago. Her neighbour left her housemaid home alone and locked up in a room while she traveled. The other neighbour heard this poor girl's pitiful hungry cries, stopped briefly at the window to assess the situation, learnt the girl had been locked in without food for days, did nothing other than to say "I have to rush to church to drop my tithes today unfailingly"! It took the intervention of other tenants in the building to break down the door and rescue the distressed girl. Makes me wonder how acceptable her tithes were to God on that day. -_-

Only recently too, a friend's dad who was gravely ill was abandoned to his fate in the hospital, writhing in pains simply because the physiotherapist meant to massage him, help ease the pains in his limbs and what have you, chose to go attend his mid-week church programme. Who does that for crying out loud? I thought these medicals peeps took oaths to put the lives of others above their personal needs or something like that!

If only the religion they jeopardize other lives for reflects in their characters. So many religious people are merely bench-warmers who throw everything they've heard into the wind as soon as they step out of their religious houses. The preachings and teachings are not felt in their day-to-day lifestyles. They hear but do not listen, they certainly don't act in love most times. They have no true love or regard for the God they claim to love and serve, because if they did, loving and helping others would not be this much of an issue. The preachers don't help a lot in most cases because they have buttered and watered down the preachings choosing instead to talk about prosperity, out-of-the-world-wonder, etc. Hardcore preaching of love and kindness and the likes are not hammered into the congregations as they should.

Clearly selflessness and love have taken a back seat amongst us and people have misplaced their priorities by allowing themselves to follow religion blindly. These are the same reasons we are having problems with Boko Haram terrorists because the suicide bombers they use to carry out their deadly nefarious acts have equally been brainwashed to a point of no-return. 

You don't need to endanger a life because you want to go into a church or mosque to serve your God. He is everywhere, just reach out to Him anywhere.

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