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Thursday, 18 December 2014

I Apologize............

Dearly beloved and dedicated blog visitors, I sincerely apologize for my erratic blogging this past few days. It is due to the pressure at work as a result of the end of year preparations and added to that is that my kids have been a little bit under the weather so you can imagine how I really am. (Hehehe, but ofkess I can handle it because I'm built like that. :D)

I just thought I would explain properly to you all. The good thing is that my office closes officially for the year tomorrow (Whoop whoop doo bee doo wop wop *does a quick jiggy macarena dance*) so I can at least relax a bit and blog some more after clearing my head. I'm hoping to get a Macbook from Santa (hopefully) soon (hint hint ;) to help me blog better because my iPad isn't cutting it at all. My old Macbook has obstinately refused to be resuscitated (wipes lone tear from my eye).

Bottom-line, kindly pardon my absence. 

(*in Terminator's voice*) I'll Be Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your day. :)

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