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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Are You Smarter Than An Animal?

I came across the video below and I have to ask, what's your excuse for not obeying simple traffic laws if a PUSSY CAT can be 'smart' enough to know when a pedestrian sign comes on thus knowing when to cross the road? It was pretty shocking and amazing to me, seeing how much caution that cat applied before crossing the road when I know and I've seen humans apply far less caution at obeying traffic rules and even at valuing their lives. 

The other morning, on my way to work, I had to yell at a pedestrian flagging down my car to let him run across the road RIGHT BENEATH A PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE!!!!! Who does that? He was middle age too, so you'd think he'd have more sense than a cat, yes? No, zero sense was applied by him and others like him. Craziness.

While the government might not have gotten the feel and impact of the #ChangeStartsWithMe campaign right enough to impart the sheer realisation and knowledge of it into the minds of Nigerians, the truth is that Change really does start with each and everyone of us. Do right, correct those who do wrong and watch this beautiful nation of ours blossom into something phenomenal.

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  1. Beautiful piece Buki.O, couldn't have said it better


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