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Thursday, 5 March 2015

We Forgot The Children :(

The world has gone mad. 

In recent times we have seen and heard so many atrocities being committed around the world. We sigh, we worry, we cower, we fight, we mediate, we instigate, we loot, we murder,we lie, we hurt each other, we scream, we hurt, we draw blood, we do us.

In all these, we forgot the children.
We forgot the children.
They watch us.
They admire us.
They aim to be like us.
They copy us.
In every way they can.
They know no better than what we have shown them.
They are becoming what we have become.
They watch, they learn, they act.
We forgot the children in all our mess.

A group of Yemeni children tried to act out what they saw ISIS do to the Jordanian pilot. They took a boy (their friend) and locked him in a cage, they doused him with petrol and lit him up. Just like ISIS did and they watched. Thankfully, his cries drew adults to the scene and he was rescued before it was too late. 

Life has gotten as scattered as this post is unarranged. Here and there and thus we  have forgotten the children.

What have we become??????????

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  1. It's the sad truth@ Buki it's the children that became ISIS, they too were once kids who grew up to become murderers, oppressors, theifs, hooligans, terrorist. Same goes for Boko haram, they had the violence in them, they saw someone act it out at some point of their growing up and it seem right to follow that path. But just what if they had been shown how to love and care? How to give and not to take, how to appreciate and respect another person's life? Just maybe all we are seeing would never come to play, but the bitter truth like I said earlier someone somewhere acted like this before children and until we can get rid of such persons in this world ( which is impossible) the kids will grow to be like some of them unfortunately.
    My prayer is that our children will choose the path of love, care, honesty, peace and respect in Jesus name, Amen!


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