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Monday, 9 March 2015

#YourTake -- Prayers Or Curses??

Let's have your take on this issue.

Above is a picture of our president, Goodluck Jonathan, surrounded by Yoruba traditional rulers. I'm pretty sure the aim of releasing this picture by the president's team is to show that he has gotten the seal(s) of approval from these traditional rulers.

Alas, it strikes me as if the campaign team goofed on this one. According to research it would seem that when an Oba (Yoruba Traditional ruler) points his staff at you, it means you have committed an offense and will either being banished or sentenced to death. When an Oba wants to pray for you, he uses his "Irukere" not his "Opa" (staff). 

So, going by traditions, to have these many Obas pointing their staffs at Mr. President would mean what exactly? Could it still be prayers as portrayed or curses?? What could get him through the elections; prayers, curses or plain good luck?

Well well well, make of it what you may.

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  1. The significance of the action is great. He had better watch his back. Doom looms.


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