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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Let's Talk About Nigerian Men And Their Bulges

Okkkkkkkkkkkkk, let's talk about our dear Nigerian men and their bulges. Yes you read that right and I wont be mincing words in this words. I will say it as it needs to be said so please brace yourselves. Oh and please don't shoot the messenger (my innocent self), I am only doing as asked, so let's gooooooo. lol ;)

 Sorry to pop your bubble but the bulge I want to talk about is not the one you intended to read. I can almost hear you panting hard from running to click and find a very sexual topic. LOL

I want to talk about Nigerian men and the pot-bellies they carry around. A friend brought this topic up the other evening while we were chilling in Bheerhugz Cafe and truly when I took a look around, only a couple of men did not have a slight tummy bulge and they were waiters!!! I have heard in the past that the general impression about this is that the bigger your tummy bulge is, the bigger respect you command and the flatter it is, the lesser the regard given to you. HIAN! Who started this sef? I think some random dude who probably was too lazy to get his sorry ass to the gym while loving swallowing morsels of heavy carbohydrates late in the night with his crate of beer is responsible for the myth-turned-reality.

I think the major things responsible for these bulges are our diet, lack of exercising, high intake of beers and possibly genes. I suppose once you work on these, the bulge will definitely flatten out and firm up to reveal the beautiful packs us women love and adore. :) So put that bottle of beer down right now, stop the late night meals of eba, pounded yam and rice and get to trimming your bulge down. Mind you, I have also heard that the trimmer your tummy bulge is, the bigger your other bulge appears. (#OkBye)

What thinketh thee? :)


  1. well the bigger the bulge, the finer the chic on the side, so here's to growing mine @dividfiji

  2. Please which is the other bulge? *checks dictionary for various meanings of bulge* 😝


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